YVTC MESA Science Exhibits

YVTC MESA provided STEM related activities and exhibits to the Girl Scouts Troop in Yakima the month of July.

Screenshot 2014-08-17 13.48.21MESA

The YVTC MESA program engaged students in innovative, hands- on science and mathematics enrichment activities allowing each student to experience a STEM related activity. MESA provided science exhibits that included a shake that to simulates an earth- quake. Students had to build a structure and see if it could withstand a 5 second shake. In addition, there was a Sounds of the Ocean exhibit, rock exploring exhibit, an index card activity, and Bridge that Gap exhibit where students had to build a bridge and have a small vehicle go from point A to point B successfully.

As an added bonus there were a few extra activities that involved; a balloon rocket, a balloon race, and a tinker toy activity which dealt with building a structure and measuring to see which structure would be the tallest and most cost efficient.

MESA was able to serve about 12 girls and they all really enjoyed the activities. They worked and competed with each other to master each challenge.

Screenshot 2014-08-17 13.49.56

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