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Savitha Subramanian, M.D.

Metabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition

Assistant Professor of Medicine


Our research focuses on studying the role of inflammation in adipose tissue in obesity using mouse models, such as the LDL receptor deficient mouse, a model of the metabolic syndrome. Using this model we study the impact of components of the metabolic syndrome such as visceral obesity, insulin resistance and inflammation on atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. We are currently also using this mouse model to study the effects of fat accumulation in the liver (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis) and the role of hepatic inflammation in insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. A second area of interest is the role of the nutrient sensor molecule mTOR in adipose tissue in obesity. mTOR is important in longevity, a condition associated with improved insulin sensitivity. I am currently involved in studying the role of inhibiting mTOR using mouse models and dietary interventions to study the role of this complex molecule in obesity and insulin resistance.

Clinical Profile

I am actively involved in clinical care in the Endocrine, Diabetes and Lipid Clinics. My special
interests include areas of the thyroid, providing comprehensive care to diabetics, and management of complex lipid disorders including diabetic dyslipidemia.



Medical Specialties Clinic, UWMC
Diabetes Care Center at UW Roosevelt
Harborview Lipid and Nutrition Clinic


UW Medicine South Lake Union


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