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Trikudanathan Subbulaxmi (4)

Subbulaxmi Trikudanathan, MD, MRCP, MMSc

Metabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine


Dr. Subbu Trikudanathan specializes in Endocrinology with particular focus on diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, adrenal disorders, thyroid disorders and metabolic bone disease.


Dr. Subbulaxmi Trikudanathan received her medical degree from Madras Medical College in India. She completed residency and endocrine fellowship training at University College of London, United Kingdom. Subsequently she moved to Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School to conduct research in costimulatory pathways in T1 diabetes and islet cell transplant. She then completed Endocrine fellowship training at Brigham and Women’s hospital, Boston before moving to University of Washington Medical center. She has also received masters in Medical sciences from Harvard Medical School, Boston.

Clinical Interest

Diabetes, Women’s health, Adrenal, Osteoporosis and general Endocrine disorders.

Research Interest

Dr. Subbu Trikudanathan research interest focuses on understanding cardio metabolic risk factors in high risk population. She is currently involved in clinical research trials on diabetes and cardiovascular outcomes.


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Section (b) –Book Chapters

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