University of Washington College of Engineering Center for Microbial Proteomics


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For Scientific Issues

Murray Hackett, PhD
Department of Chemical Engineering
Box 355014
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195

voice: (206) 616-8071
fax: (206) 616-5721
wet lab:  (206) 616-1801
mass spectrometry: (206) 616-8020

Street Address for Courier Delivery:
Benjamin Hall Interdisciplinary Research Building
616 NE Northlake Place, Room 406
Seattle, Washington 98105


For Grants Administration and Budgetary Concerns

Than Than Htwe
Grants Manager, Chemical Engineering
voice: (206) 221-1044

Carol Matsumoto
Grants Manager, Chemical Engineering
voice: (206) 543-2754

For Building Access, Mail and Delivery Issues

Ginger Hays
Administrator, Lidstrom Lab
voice: (206) 616-1409

For Website Issues

Fred Taub, Webmaster
voice: (206) 616-6847