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Keith Jerome, MD, PhD
School of Medicine
Laboratory Medicine
Professor, Laboratory Medicine
Head, Virology Division
Adjunct Professor, Microbiology

Email: kjerome@fhcrc.org
Phone:(206) 667-6793
Office Location: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Campus Box: 358080



Dr. Keith R. Jerome holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Georgetown College, and M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from Duke University, where his thesis focused on T cell antigens expressed by breast tumors. He did residency and fellowship training at the University of Washington. Dr. Jerome's research focuses on chronic and latent viruses, their immune evasion mechanisms, and potential curative therapeutic approaches to these infections. His most recent work involves the use of DNA editing enzymes such as homing endonucleases and zinc finger nucleases to specifically target latent viral DNA for cleavage and inactivation. This approach may allow precise elimination of functional viral DNA from infected cell reservoirs, offering the prospect of cure for HIV, hepatitis B, herpes simplex, and human papillomavirus infections.

Selected Publications:

1. KR Jerome, R Fox, Z Chen, AE Sears, H-Y Lee, and L Corey. Herpes simplex virus inhibits apoptosis through the action of two genes, US5 and US3. Journal of Virology. 73:8950-8957. 1999.

KR Jerome, Z Chen, R Lang, MR Torres, J Hofmeister, S Smith, R Fox, CJ Froelich, and L Corey. Herpes simplex virus and glycoprotein J inhibit caspase activation and apoptosis induced by granzyme B or fas. Journal of Immunology. 167:3928-3935. 2001.

DD Sloan and KR Jerome. Herpes simplex virus remodels T cell receptor signaling resulting in p38-dependent selective synthesis of interleukin-10. Journal of Virology. 81:12504-12514. 2007.

M Aubert, M Yoon, DD Sloan, PG Spear, and KR Jerome. The virological synapse facilitates herpes simplex virus entry into T cells. Journal of Virology. 83:6171-6183. 2009.

M Aubert, BY Ryu, L Banks, DJ Rawlings, AM Scharenberg, and KR Jerome. Successful targeting and disruption of an integrated reporter lentivirus using the engineered homing endonuclease Y2 I-AniI. PLoS ONE. 6(2): e16825. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0016825. 2011.





Department of Microbiology · University of Washington · Box 357735 · Seattle WA 98195-7735

phone: (206) 543-5824 · fax: (206) 543-8297 · micro@u.washington.edu