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David Stahl
Adjunct Professor of Microbiology
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Email: dastahl@u.washington.edu
Phone:(206) 685-8502
Office Location: 407 Benjamin Hall R&T Building
Campus Box: 352700




Dr. Stahl obtained his M.S. and Ph.D. in microbiology working with Dr. Carl Woese at the University of Illinois and completed postdoctoral work with Dr. Norman Pace, now at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He has held academic appointments at the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. Stahl is a member of the American Academy of Microbiology, a recipient of the Bergey and Procter & Gamble Awards, and has served on numerous national committees. He is a co-founding editor of Environmental Microbiology.

Stahl’s lab studies different aspects of environmental biotechnology, microbial evolution, and ecology. Research takes advantage of recent developments in molecular systematics and genomics that now provide the conceptual framework and molecular tools for direct studies of microorganisms in the environment, at the level of both populations and single cells. This allows for more comprehensive investigations of how microbial community structure relates to system level processes. Natural systems now being studied include nitrogen and sulfur cycling in coastal and geothermal environments, and stream and sediment ecology.

Selected Publications:

de la Torre, J.R.. C.B. Walker, A.E. Ingalls, M. Könneke, and D.A. Stahl. 2008. Cultivation of a thermophilic ammonia oxidizing archaeon synthesizing crenarchaeol. Env. Microbiol. 10: 810-818.

Stolyar S., S. Van Dien, K.L. Hillesland, N. Pinel, T. Lie, J. Leigh, and D.A. Stahl. 2007. Flux balance modeling of a syntrophic association of D. vulgaris and the hydrogenotrophic methanogen M. maripaludis. Molec. Sys. Biol. 3: 92.

Stahl, D.A., M. Hullar, and S. Davidson. The structure and function of microbial communities. 2006. In: M. Dworkin, S. Falkow, E. Rosenberg, K.-H. Schleifer, and E. Stackebrandt (Eds.) The Prokaryotes. 3rd Edition. Springer-Verlag, New York, New York pp. 299-327.

Könneke, M., A.E. Bernhard, J.R. de la Torre, C.B. Walker, J.B. Waterbury, and D.A. Stahl. 2005. Isolation of an autotrophic ammonia-oxidizing marine archaeon. Nature 437: 543-546.

Klein, M., M. Friedrich, A.J. Roger, S. Fishbain, P. Hugenholtz, H. Abicht, L.L. Blackall, D.A. Stahl, and M. Wagner. 2001. Multiple lateral transfer events of dissimilatory sulfite reductase genes between major lineages of bacteria. J. Bacteriol. 183: 6028-6034.

Nealson K.H. and D. A. Stahl. 1997. Microorganisms and biogeochemical cycles: What can we learn from layered microbial communities? In: J. F. Banfield and K. H. Nelson (Eds), P. H. Ribbe (Series Ed.) "Geomicrobiology: Interactions between microbes and minerals." Reviews in Mineralogy Vol. 35. Mineralogical Society of American. Washington D. C.

Risatti, J. B., W.C. Capman, and D. A. Stahl. 1994. Community structure of a microbial mat: The phylogenetic dimension. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 91: 10173-10177.





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