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Microbiology Awards Reception 2013

Top left: The Jacques Chiller Award (Outstanding academic achievement): Recipient Zoljargal Bayarsaikhan (with family)
Top Right: Erling Ordal Award (Research results presented in manuscript form for publication. Best paper competition): Recipient Adrian Laurenzi with Mentor Ram Samudrala
Middle Left: David Kingsbury Award (Passion for Research): Recipient Harlan Pietz with David Kingsbury
Middle Right: All Award recipients: From left to right: Beth Bromme, Zoljargal Bayarsaikhan, Adrian Laurenzi, Harlan Pietz, Matthew Pouw.
Bottom left: Don Bassett Award (to honor a formoer microbiology undergraduate who loved research): Recipient Beth Bromme with Lee Bassett
Bottom Center: Charles Evans Award (Highest Overall GPA): Recipient Matthew Pouw with Jim Champoux.
Bottom Right: Enjoying the Celebration.

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