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Recent publications by the Mizumori lab

The Mizumori lab has serveral recent articles published


Ventral tegmental area and substantia nigra neural correlates of spatial learning (2011). Adria K Martig and Sheri JY Mizumori. Learning and Memory, 18; 260-272.


Independent neural coding of reward and movement by pendunculopontine tegmental nucleus neurons in freely navigating rats. Alix BW Norton, Yong Sang Jo, Emily W Clark, Cortney A Taylor, and Sheri JY Mizumori. Eur J Neuroscience; Early View; 1-12.


Activation of dopamine neurons is critical for aversion conditioning and prevention of generalized anxiety. Larry S Zweifel, Jonathan P Fadok, Emmanuela Argilli, Micheal G Garelick, Graham L Jones, Tavis MK Dickson, James M Allen, Sheri JY Mizumori, Antonello Bonci and Richard D Palmiter. Nature Neuroscience, 14(5); 620-628.