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Dr. Sheri Mizumori PhD

Sheri J.Y. Mizumori, PhD
Principal Investigator

Professional History

July, 2008 – Current              Chair, Psychology Department, University of Washington
July, 2007 - present              Co-director, Center for Integrative Neuroscience
September 2003 – present    Professor, University of Washington
Sept., 2000 – Aug., 2003       Associate Professor, University of Washington
July, 1992 – Aug., 2000         Associate Professor, University of Utah
March, 1995 - June, 1995       Acting Chair, Psychology Department, University of Utah
July, 1989 - June, 1992          Assistant Professor, University of Utah

Education and Training:

Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Colorado: 1985-1989      
        (Advisors: Carol A. Barnes and Bruce L. McNaughton)
Ph.D. in Psychology, University of California, Berkeley: 1985
        (Advisor: Mark R. Rosenzweig)
M. A. in Psychology, University of California, Berkeley: 1983  
        (Advisor: Mark R. Rosenzweig)
B. S. in Psychology, University of Washington: 1977
        (Pitzer College: 1973-1975)

Phil Baker

Phillip Baker
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Interests:

Drug abuse and addiction represent a significant burden to society and can lead to a number of behavioral abnormalities even after abstinence. I am investigating how prefrontal-basal ganglia systems, including modulatory systems which influence these areas, contribute to decision making when delays to reward must be considered. I am also interested in how these systems make use of cue information to make these decisions. Understanding how these systems interact in both drug exposed and drug naive states can lead to new ways of treating drug addiction.



Ph.D. Neuroscience. University of Illinois at Chicago, 2013

     Dissertation: "Contributions of the Prelimbic Cortex and Basal Ganglia Circuitry to Proactive Behavioral Switching"

B. A. Biochemistry, Minor in Philosophy. Eastern Mennonite University, 2007


Yong Sang Jo

Yong Sang Jo, MA
Graduate Student

Research interests:

I am investigating the role of the VTA in a decision making task. I am also interested in how VTA interacts with other cortical and subcortical areas in spatial working memory. 


M.A., Biopsychology, Korea University (2007)
B.A., Psychology, Korea University (2005)

Valerie Tryon
Graduate Student
Wambura Fobbs
Graduate Student

Research interests:

Broadly, I am interested in the neurophysiology of reward processing and motivated behaviors. For my graduate work, I have decided to focus my attention on the role of the cholinergic system in intertemporal choice and interval timing.


B.S., Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology- Neurobiology Track, Yale University (2011)

Sujean Oh
Graduate Student


B.S., Psychobiology, Neuroscience, UCLA (2011)

Edite Forman
Undergraduate Student
Stacie Shibano
Undergraduate Student
Summer Raynor
Undergraduate Student
Kevan Kridder
Undergraduate Student

Past Personnel

Tom Coleman
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Oxsana Eshenko
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