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Wambura Fobbs

Professional Infomation

1. Sanchez ES, Bigbee JW, Fobbs W, Robinson SE, Sato-Bigbee C (2008). Opioid addiction and pregnancy: Perinatal exposure to buprenorphine affects myelination in the developing brain. Glia, 56 (9), 1017-1027.



1. Wambura Fobbs, Maria G. Veldhuizen, Danielle M Douglas, Tammy Lin, Martin Yeomans, Linda Flammer, Dana M Small (2011) Neural Correlates of Flavor-Nutrient Conditioning in Humans. Poster presented at Association for Chemoreception Sciences Meeting, St. Petersburg, Florida.  

2. Wambura Fobbs, Kristin J. Rudenga, Dana M. Small (2009).  Measurements of stimulus preference vs. stimulus pleasantness give rise to different optimally liked concentrations of sucrose. Poster presented at Association for Chemoreception Sciences Meeting, Sarasota, Florida.


Research interests:

Broadly, I am interested in the neurophysiology of reward processing and motivated behaviors. For my graduate work, I have decided to focus my attention on the role of the cholinergic system in intertemporal choice and interval timing.


B.S., Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology- Neurobiology Track, Yale University (2011)