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Yong Sang Jo, MA

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Yong Sang Jo


Jo, Y.S. & Lee, I. (2010). Disconnection of the hippocampal-perirhinal cortical circuits severely disrupts object-place paired associative memory. Journal of Neuroscience 30:9850-9858.

Jo, Y.S. & Lee, I. (2010). Perirhinal cortex is necessary for acquiring, but not for retrieving object-place paired association. Learning and memory 17:97-103.

Kim, S.C., Jo, Y.S., Kim, I.H., Kim, H., & Choi, J.-S. (2010). Lack of the medial prefrontal cortex activation underlies the immediate extinction deficit. Journal of Neuroscience 30:832-837.

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Research interests:

I am investigating the role of the VTA in a decision making task. I am also interested in how VTA interacts with other cortical and subcortical areas in spatial working memory. 


M.A., Biopsychology, Korea University (2007)
B.A., Psychology, Korea University (2005)