Prospective Students
Thank you for your interest in the Lidstrom group! If you have not already, please read the research section of our web page. These pages serve as a general introduction to our work, our research goals, and our philosophy.

We are committed to applying modern molecular techniques to various bacteria with the end goal of solving applied industrial problems, in addition to basic research into the metabolic processes and genetics of these bacteria. Our research is directed toward manipulating these bacteria at the genetic and metabolic level so that they may be used in these industrial processes.

Our research is truly interdisciplinary, and it is performed of under the aegis of two academic departments, Microbiology and Chemical Engineering, at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. We are also part of the Molecular Cellular Biology program, an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program, and interact with the Bioengineering graduate program as well.

Currently, the group consists of:

1 Senior Research Scientist
1 Research Assistant Professor
2 Research Technicians
2 Postdoctoral Research Associate
4 Graduate Students:
  - 0 Microbiology
- 4 Chemical Engineering
7 Undergraduate students

We do not anticipate lab openings for graduate students next year.

The University of Washington Graduate School has an online application available and you may also apply to the Molecular Cellular Biology program through this application (please start here).

For more information, please e-mail Prof. Lidstrom.