The Mitochondria and Metabolism Center (MMC) at UW Medicine, South Lake Union is home to a large and diverse community of researchers. The MMC brings together multi-disciplinary investigators from across the university and its affiliated institutions to foster interactions, promote research, and to share resources.


Merry L. Lindsey, PhD
Professor and Director, Mississippi Center for Heart Research,
Department of Physiology and Biophysics,
University of Mississippi Medical Center

Title:  “The crossroads between cardiac inflammation and fibrosis”

Time: Tuesday, May 24 – 9am
Place:  Orin Smith Auditorium, Building C, UW-Medicine – South Lake Union

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Advances in Metabolomics

Daniel Raftery, PhD, Director of the Metabolomics Core Facility. The rapidly growing field of metabolomics focuses on the quantitative analysis of many hundreds of metabolites in complex specimens that include bio-fluids, tissues and cells. Small molecule metabolites... read more