Core Facility Fees


Type of Service UW In-house Price External Price
Independent Imaging User $70.00/hour $120.00/hour
Independent Spectroscopy User $50.00/hour $85.00/hour
Imaging/Spectroscopy Full Service $70.00/hour (added on to independent user rate) $120.00/hour (added to independent user rate)
Training, Protocol Development, Consulting $85.00/hour $150.00/hour
Night Rate (7 pm until 7am next day) 50% of Independent User rate N/A
Weekend/Holiday Day Rate (7 am until 7 pm) 50% of Independent User rate (min. 4 hr use) N/A

Business Hours

Standard Business Hours
Monday through Friday, 7 am - 7 pm

Facilities Only

Imaging Rate: UW $70/hr; external $120/hr
Spectroscopy Rate: UW $50/hr; external $85/hr

This is for all investigators with substantial-use needs of the facilities.

Users in this category will have had prior training on the equipment and be certified for independent use of the facilities by the lab manager. Users must be able to set up the equipment, run experiments, and leave the facility ready for the next user, with little to no assistance.

Please note that it may be possible or necessary for the manager to setup certain hardware configurations, even if the user is certified. In those cases, the time for hardware setup will be charged at the Full Service rate, while the user experimental time will be charged at the Facilities only rate for the certified user.

Full Service with NMR Technician

Rate: UW $70/hr; external $120/hr

This is for investigators who do not wish to be trained in independent operation of the instrument, due to the limited scope of work.

This level of service is aimed at solitary studies for verification of other results or to establish feasibility. A magnetic resonance expert will set up and operate the equipment. Users will not be allowed to work on the equipment unsupervised and will not receive training. This rate will be added on to the independent use of the facility.

Training, Protocol Development, and Consulting

Rate: UW $85/hr; external $150/hr

This is for the design and optimization of different experimental setups specific to an investigator’s work. Once set up, it is understood that investigators will be able to use these experimental parameters as independent users. Validation and quality assurance, such as checking out independently made probes, for new pieces of equipment intended to be used with our existing facility equipment would fall into this category. This rate also covers any independent research an NMR technician would have to perform to optimize a study.

Nights, Weekends, and Holidays

Imaging Rate: $35/hr
Spectroscopy Rate: $25/hr

To encourage off-hours use of the facility, special discount rates for certified independent users have been established. For this discount to apply during holiday and weekend days, users must be scheduled for a minimum of 4 hours. The work scheduled in these time slots must include setting up, running the experiment, and cleaning up without any assistance from our staff.

Discussion with the manager of the work to be done, and approval by the manager, is required prior to requesting these slots.

  • One Night Slot: 7 pm - 7 am on any night of the week (14 hours each)
  • One Holiday/Weekend Day Slot: 7 am - 7 pm on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday (10 hours each)


Last minute scheduling requests will be entertained on a first-come-first-served basis as space is available.


Cancellation Policy

The user will be billed 100% of the cost if the reservation is not cancelled within 24 hours and we cannot fill the time slot.


For all scheduling requests, please contact Kenneth Marro at