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Graduate Certificate Program

The Graduate Certificate Program in Molecular Medicine is open to PhD students in the Departments of Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Genome Sciences, Immunology, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology & Biophysics, and in the interdisciplinary Molecular and Cellular Biology Program.

The Certificate Program provides training that integrates fundamental principles of biology with human health and disease; that provides exposure to the concepts and practice of medicine through participation in a clinical rotation in human genetics or a medical pathology course; and that emphasizes the importance of and opportunities for translational research by dual mentorship of trainees by a basic scientist and a clinical/translational mentor.  Students in this Program must fulfill requirements of the home department or interdisciplinary program, meeting the standards of that department or program, and also fulfill specific requirements of the Molecular Medicine Certificate Program.

Rationale and History

Molecular Medicine is a recognized area of excellence at the University of Washington.  This reflects an institutional culture that encourages interdisciplinary science and translational research.  Many of the best applicants and trainees in University of Washington Ph.D. programs in the basic sciences express a strong interest in questions related to human health and disease, and most matriculate in Ph.D. training programs with the intention of working on aspects of biomedical research that relate to human health and disease.  Biomedical science Ph.D. programs at the University of Washington have met part of this trainee interest by providing exemplary training in a wide range of basic science disciplines related to medicine.   What has been lacking is a complement to this strong basic science training that provides a coherent training experience designed to prepare Ph.D. trainees to carry out research on problems relevant to human disease, in a clinical setting or as part of an interdisciplinary research team that includes both physicians and basic scientists.  The Molecular Medicine Program is designed to provide that complementary expertise and experience.

The Molecular Medicine Training Program combines coursework, participation in clinics, and dual mentorship by a basic scientist and a clinically- trained or clinically-oriented research mentor.  It was developed by a highly interdisciplinary group of faculty representing basic science departments and clinical departments from across the University of Washington Schools of Medicine and Engineering.

Molecular Medicine Certificate Training was approved by the UW Board of Regents in November, 2005.  Certificate Training is open to eligible students who entered in Fall, 2003 and thereafter.

Program Advising

If you have questions or would like advice about this program, please contact the Director, Nancy Maizels.

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