University of Washington

Clinical Human Medical Genetics
MOLMED 513, Autumn/Winter/Spring, 4 credits

There is a considerable amount of preparation to be done prior to the course.  You will need to start during the quarter prior to the one in which you wish to start.  Do not leave this until the end of the quarter or you may find that you will be delayed a quarter.

The quarter prior to taking MOLMED 513:

  • HIPAA and IRB training
    This course requires that all students complete HIPAA training and complete the Human Subjects training module.  Both are online and combined will take about 4-6 hours. 
    • You MUST contact the directors with your student ID number to allow us to get the access codes for HIPAA training.  This should be done early in the quarter prior to starting the course
    • You can take the Human Subjects training (Biomedical Course at the CITI website without access codes.  Bring your certificate of completion to either Dr. Byers or Murray.
  • Institution approvals
    You need to complete the observership forms for both Seattle Children's Hospital and UWMC.   This should be done prior to the beginning of the quarter to prevent unnecessary delays.
  • Immunizations
    You may need immunizations.  Check the observership application forms and be sure that you complete the series prior to the beginning of the course.
  • TB Test
    If you have not had a TB test in the last year, you will need to get one.  Molecular Medicine will cover the cost—email about this.
  • Agreement from research advisor
    Because the time spent is irregular and not the same each week, you need to be sure that this course fits with your laboratory time needs.