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Diversity Resources

Student in wheelchair talking with other students

The M3D Program is committed to recruiting diverse participants, including students with a broad spectrum of scientific interests, students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, and students with physical or mental impairment that limits any major life activity.

Students with Diverse Scientific Interests
Individuals admitted to the M3D PhD Program may come from a variety of biomedical science backgrounds. Those wishing to join the Molecular Medicine Certificate Program may do so through a broad range of other departments and programs in the Health Sciences, which are described on the BioPhD website.

Students from under-represented minority groups
A variety of resources and groups are available to support minority students participating in the M3D PhD and Molecular Medicine Certificate Program, and other programs at the University:

Students with physical or mental impairments
The University of Washington has many services and resources aimed at ensuring equal access for students with physical and mental impairments: