Chicano Newspapers and Periodicals 1966-1979

For those inside and outside academic institutions, the Chicano press served as a medium to learn Chicano history, literature, and be informed of current news. We have located and mapped more than 300 publications. Many were tiny, printing only a few hundred copies and folding after only a year or less. Others were much more influential, like El Macriado, the monthly published by the United Farm Workers union or El Grito del Norte from Denver and Caracol from San Antonio. Notice how many communities, large and small, hosted Chicano periodicals (155). Notice that 1970-1972 were peak years and that over half were published in California. Researched by Josue Estrada. Sources below .

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Sources: Al-Bayati, Barbara Kuhn. Ethnic Serials at Selected University of California Libraries: A Union List. Los Angeles: University of California, 1977. Chicano Studies Serials Collection. Serials Micro Film Project Ethnic Studies Library, University of California, Berkeley. Rojas, Guillermo. "Chicano/Raza Newspaper and Periodical Serials Listing." Hispania: A Journal Devoted to the Teaching of Spanish and Portuguese 58, no. 4 (1975): 851-63. Rodriguez, Marc S. Rethinking the Chicano Movement. American Social and Political Movements of the Twentieth Century. New York: Routledge, 2015.

Research and data compilation: Josue Estrada