Database of National Woman's Party Actions Outside Washington D.C. 1914-1924

This map and timeline database show more than 400 NWP actions outside of Washington DC where the organization was headquartered and where it focused its efforts. Filter by year and state. (Find other NWP maps and an illustrated year-by-year history here: National Woman's Party History and Geography). The maps are hosted by Tableau Public and may take a few seconds to respond. If slow, refresh the page.


About the Project

The National Woman's Party section began as a collaborative class project in History 105 and History 353 at the University of Washington in 2016. Samantha Mayes, Alyssa Bell, Cassondra St. Cyr, Alyssa Crawford, Zach Thomas, Samantha Han, Sara Parolin, Monica Keosombath, Hannah Dinielli, Paige Peacock, McKenna Donahue, Anne Peterson , Taylor Franks, Marina Hodgkin, Halle McClain read issues of the Suffragist and searched ProQuest newspaper databases for articles about the activities of the National Woman's Party from 1913-1922, entering information into a database that provides the basis for the accompanying maps. They also wrote reports that detailed some of the key issues and actions of the pivotal civil rights organization. Selections from those reports are compiled into National Woman's Party: a year-by-year history 1913-1922. Katie Anastas is project editor.