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Vol. 17, No. 6 (August-September 2016)


MPA News to be monthly again; paper version is ending

President Obama expands Papahānaumokuākea, creating largest protected area in world

MPA events at the World Conservation Congress, 1-5 September

Examining the small print of Aichi Target 11: Is it time for a conversation on what the words mean?

How do you respond when a mysterious mortality event happens in your MPA?

New MPA classification system proposed; sites get scores based on what uses they allow

Letter to the editor: To consider only one culture’s interaction and influence over a landscape is insufficient

Notes & news: Russian MPA - Galápagos - Marine World Heritage - Great Barrier Reef - Climate adaptation and MPAs - Value of MPAs

From the MPA News vault

Vol. 17, No. 5 (June-July 2016)


MPAs as “eco-cultural systems”: Indigenous people and the intersection of culture and conservation

The other roles of MPAs, part 4: How MPAs can help address underwater noise

Following the Brexit vote, what is the future for the UK’s MPAs?

Race against time?: Before the seabed mining rush, scientists try to determine which sites need protection

Notes & news: IMCC4 live-blog - Cambodia - SIDS - World Heritage sites - Arctic MPAs - High seas treaty - Big versus small MPAs - Healthier coral reefs

From the MPA News vault

MPA Science Corner: Fish movement and MPAs - Benthic dispersal distances

Vol. 17, No. 4 (April-May 2016)


Building the future of MPA enforcement: Project Eyes on the Seas and other high-tech surveillance programs

Perspective | Planning MPAs and creating stable agreements: Lessons learned from California's Marine Life Protection Act process

New techniques for responding to coral bleaching in MPAs

The other roles of MPAs, part 3: How MPAs can help address land-based runoff and water quality

Notes & news: Expansion of Papahānaumokuākea - Malaysia - GBR - North America - Benefits of MPAs - Transboundary MPAs - Marine litter & MPAs

MPA Science Corner: Genetic biodiversity - Vessel traffic - Deep-sea MPAs

From the MPA News vault

Vol. 17, No. 3 (February-March 2016)


Inside Operation Phakisa, South Africa's blue growth initiative that is fast-tracking a new MPA network

The 'other roles' of MPAs, part 2: How MPAs can help address marine litter

Perspective | Re-centralization of marine resource management in Indonesia, and its implications for MPAs

Perspective | Report on the Think Tank on Human Dimensions of Large Scale MPAs

Notes & news: Packard Award and Miller Award - Galapagos - High seas - 10x20 campaign - Higher MPA coverage targets - EBSA map - Funding for protected areas - Free journal articles - Expensive villa in MPA

MPA Science Corner

From the MPA News vault

Vol. 17, No. 2 (December 2015 - January 2016)


How MPAs can help mitigate impacts of climate change via coastal blue carbon, "fish carbon", and more

Seychelles project combines ocean planning, climate change adaptation, and debt restructure

UK intends to designate large no-take MPA around part of Ascension Island; UK's Pitcairn Islands MPA on track for 2016 designation

South Africa's oldest MPA may be reopened to fishing

Spotlight on surfing reserves: Protecting surf spots through local community engagement

Notes & news: Ballantine - Global conservation finance - Blue growth in Med - Enforcement guide - Enforcement tech innovation - Ship noise and MPAs - MPA governance - Using satellite data - From the MPA News vault

Vol. 17, No. 1 (October-November 2015)


Assessing the state of the art in training and certifying MPA professionals - Part II

The MPA Agency Partnership: An update on the international group of senior MPA leaders

Nations announce significant new MPA plans, other advances

Covering one-fifth of world's MPA area: Highlights from live chat on World Heritage marine sites, with Fanny Douvere

Notes & news: Bill Ballantine - Climate pact and MPAs - Protected area law and governance - European MPAs - Ocean resources and management - From the MPA News vault

Vol. 16, No. 6 (July-September 2015)


Assessing the state of the art in MPA management training programs

Perspective | Can local management of fisheries through periodic closures help to kick-start marine conservation efforts?

New California law strengthens MPA enforcement by giving field officers discretion to cite lesser offense

Perspective | Success in the smallest marine reserve of Taiwan: A triumph anchored by effective enforcement, stakeholder support, and replenishment

New book analyzes two sides of the marine reserve debate: 'nature protectionists' vs. 'social conservationists'

Notes & news: Bahamas - Crowdsourced surveillance - Easter Island - MPA financing - WDPA user manual - From the MPA News vault

Vol. 16, No. 5 (May-June 2015)


A brief examination of "other effective area-based conservation measures" and what they mean for MPAs

New group aims to engage young professionals in MPA field, involve them in high-level decisions

Perspective | Reflecting on marine territory: Seaflower MPA, the Raizal people, and the International Court of Justice

World Heritage Committee welcomes progress but keeps Great Barrier Reef on watchlist

Perspective | Improving MPA protection through crowdsourcing and compliance assistance: The EPIC 805 Project

Perspective | A new start to effectively managing fishing in England's European Marine Sites?

Notes & news: Pitcairn - US - California - Benefits of no-take areas

From the MPA News vault

Vol. 16, No. 4 (March-April 2015)


Ahead of election, UK Government proposes giant MPA around Pitcairn; opposition party responds with ambitious MPA plans of its own

UN tribunal decides UK violated international law with Chagos MPA; could lead to reopening no-take area to fishing

What the UN agreement to launch negotiations for a high seas treaty means for MPAs: Interview with Kristina Gjerde

Effort underway in Bahamas to create a financially sustainable MPA from the ground up

Perspective: Six factors to consider when deciding whether to use drones to enforce your MPA

Notes & news: Madagascar - US - Phoenix Islands - Protected area management - Great Barrier Reef - Disaster risk reduction - Nudists - Bering Sea Canyons

From the MPA News vault

Vol. 16, No. 3 (January-February 2015)


The 30% no-take target of the World Parks Congress: Why it is both problematic and useful

Perspective: The MPAs of Cuba and the implications of a potential end to the US embargo

Mentorship program in Caribbean is pairing up MPA managers across region

Diseased lobsters in UK's Lundy Marine Conservation Zone: A natural or "unnatural" result of protection?

Notes & news: High seas - Finland - MPA enforcement legislation - Great Barrier Reef

Vol. 16, No. 2 (November-December 2014)


World Parks Congress recommends target of 30% no-take MPA coverage worldwide

The Promise of Sydney: Recommendations on MPAs

Nations announce new MPA commitments at World Parks Congress

Multiple publications launched at World Parks Congress on MPA coverage, governance, tourism, and more

Tech tools launched at WPC to visualize global fishing activity, coral reefs

IUCN debuts Green List of Protected Areas, includes three MPAs

World Heritage developments at WPC

Notes & news: CCAMLR - High seas bottom fisheries - Optimal MPA enforcement - Cultural MPAs - Shipwreck MPA - Spillover study - Marine managed areas

Vol. 16, No. 1 (September-October 2014)


US designates 1.2-million-km2 MPA in which all commercial extraction is banned

Upheaval at Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority: Era of global leadership may be over

Building successful endowments to support MPAs: Malpelo and the Mesoamerican Reef

Book review: Economic incentives for marine and coastal conservation

Notes & news: Barbuda - Spain - Scotland - MPA planning - MPA film fest

Vol. 15, No. 6 (July-August 2014)


Innovative ideas in enforcement: What the future of MPA surveillance could look (and even sound) like

Building successful endowments to support MPAs: Malpelo and the Mesoamerican Reef

World Heritage Committee delays decision on Great Barrier Reef "danger list" status to 2015

US President Obama proposes 2 million-km2 no-take area in Pacific

NGO aims to build "voice" for high seas, including support for MPAs and a UN Sustainable Development Goal

Notes & news: Scotland - US MPA nominations - High seas - Caribbean - Integrating people and MPAs - Status of US MPA coverage - MPA Campaign Tracker - Poverty alleviation

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 15, No. 5 (May-June 2014)


Building sustainable financing for MPAs by diversifying funding streams

Achieving conservation objectives and social equity goals: An interview with Peter Jones on MPA governance

Integrating climate change into marine conservation planning

MPAs that lack adequate management plans get assistance from regional program

Notes & news: Kiribati - New Caledonia - Sargasso Sea - New Zealand - MPA poll - Great Barrier Reef - MPA advocacy toolkit - MPA advisory committee

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 15, No. 4 (March-April 2014)


Launch of new "MPA List" email discussion list

Global study finds conservation success increases dramatically when MPAs have five key features

The emerging concept of marine biodiversity offsets and their potential uses with MPAs

More outcomes and insights from IMPAC3

Regional recognition system for well-managed MPAs is already underway in Coral Triangle region

Perspective: Designating Marine Conservation Zones in England - a phased approach
By Sue Wells

Notes & news: Great Barrier Reef - Marine World Heritage - MPA governance - Climate change and MPAs - European MPA coverage

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 15, No. 3 (November-December 2013)


Australian Government scraps management plans for new national system of marine reserves

The coming age of MPA certification? Two programs - Green List and GLORES - take shape at IMPAC3

A proposed no-take MPA where 100% of the citizens support it? Meet the Pitcairn Islands

More developments from IMPAC3: Official MPA Map - Ministerial conference - French commitments - Hope Spots

Building credible, effective MPA enforcement in the Caribbean: An interview with Jayson Horadam

Notes & news: Debate on marine reserves - England - CCAMLR - Connectivity conservation - Great Barrier Reef - US MPAs - LMMA lessons

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 15, No. 2 (September-October 2013)


Australia's new government to review boundaries and regulations of MPAs designated in 2012

US and New Zealand scale back proposal for Ross Sea MPA in bid for other nations' approval

A response to the revised Ross Sea proposal from the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition

Letter to the Editor: Federal Government can act unilaterally to prevent harm to Great Barrier Reef

Four new global MPA task forces to launch at IMPAC3 in Marseille in October

Perspective: Closing the knowledge gap between academics and MPA managers
By Chris Cvitanovic

Notes & News: Scotland - Oil spill - Haiti - Drones - Enabling conditions for MPAs - MPA governance - Reef Manager's Guide - Phoenix Islands - LMMA Lessons

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 15, No. 1 (July-August 2013)


The Reverse Fishing License Mechanism for Kiribati's Phoenix Islands Protected Area: An Experiment in MPA Financing

CCAMLR Fails to Make Progress in Establishing Antarctic MPAs

Perspective: In Colombia, a New MPA for Deep-Water Coral
By David Alonso Carvajal, INVEMAR

World Heritage Committee addresses East Rennell (Solomon Islands) and Great Barrier Reef

Notes & News: IMPAC3 update - Sponge closures - Bermuda - Caribbean - Mediterranean - Private MPAs - European MPAs - US no-take coverage - Legal mechanisms - Value of UK MPAs - MPA screening process

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 14, No. 6 (May-June 2013)

HTML  •  PDF Serving our 14,000th visitor

What Does "Ocean Wilderness" Mean, and Should We Prioritize Its Protection? Experts Respond

South Africa Designates 180,000-km2 MPA; Site to Be Enforced Jointly with Commercial Fishing Industry

Perspective: An Overview of the Gilbert Bay MPA Oil Spill Case and Successful Prosecution of the Company at Fault
By Corey J. Morris and Lee-Ann V. Conrod

MAIA: Profile of a New Network of MPA Managers in the Northeast Atlantic

Notes & News: IMPAC3 - Deep-water coral MPA - California - Business model for reserves - MPA effectiveness

LMMA Lessons: Where, and how big, should a no-take area be?

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 14, No. 5 (March-April 2013)

HTML  •  PDF More than 10,000 ocean planners and managers served in the past eight months

Advances in MPA enforcement and compliance: Practitioners describe cutting-edge techniques and tools

New software tools to encourage compliance, manage enforcement

New website tracks and analyzes loss of protected areas

Notes & News: UK - South Georgia and South Sandwich - Timor-Leste - MPA governance - MPA business plans - Research in large MPAs - Video series - Marine World Heritage film

LMMA Lessons: Sustainable management outside of MPAs is just as important as inside

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 14, No. 4 (January-February 2013)


New on OpenChannels: With 'Private Groups' function, your group or project can have its own secure forum for discussion, content sharing

New Year's Resolutions for the MPA Field: What Practitioners Would Like to Happen in 2013

Identifying Three Types of Ecologically Important Sites on the High Seas: An Interview with Jeff Ardron

Results from MPA News Poll: Reader Response to Tighter Guidelines for What Is Considered a Marine Protected Area

Perspective: Puget Sound Needs a Network of Effective MPAs and No-Take Marine Reserves
By Jamie Glasgow

Letter to the Editor: Clarification on Antarctic MPA proposals

Notes & News: Belize - Mediterranean MPA lessons - Diesel spill - Norway

LMMA Lessons: Strategies for improving community compliance and enforcement

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 14, No. 3 (November-December 2012)


New MPA-related content on OpenChannels this month

What Counts as a Marine Protected Area?

MPA News Poll: What should we count as MPAs?

Perspective: When NGOs Invest Long-term in an MPA's Management
By Anton Wijonarno

Perspective: An Update on Marine Protected Areas in the UK
By Alice Cornthwaite

Notes & News: Australia - Antarctica - American Samoa - Mozambique - Important Bird Areas - Mediterranean - Climate change and MPAs - Global MPA coverage

LMMA Lessons: Using a tok story session to share lessons on community-based management

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 14, No. 2 (September-October 2012)


OpenChannels: New Forum for Sharing Knowledge on Ocean Planning and Management

Cook Islands and New Caledonia Declare Intent to Designate Large Multi-Use MPAs

MPA Perspective: United States Proposes MPA in Antarctica's Ross Sea Region
By Evan T. Bloom

Letters to the Editor: MPA Community Continues to Reinvent Tools Rather than Seek Consistency

Highlights from 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 14, No. 1 (July-August 2012)


Great Barrier Reef on Way to 'World Heritage in Danger' List Unless Development Plans Stopped

New Calculation of World MPA Coverage is Twice Previous Estimates, but Still Far Below Target

New Global MPA Database Launched:

Australia Announces Final Proposal for MPA Network, Including Coral Sea MPA

MPA Perspective: Coral MPAs and the Need for Long-Term Local Community Benefits
By Douglas Fenner

LMMA Lessons: How Communities Prepare for Managing their Marine Resources

Notes & News: High seas MPA - Rio+20 commitments - Maldives - California - Antarctica - France - US - Canada - MPAs in developing nations - iPhone app

Songs for MPAs

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 13, No. 6 (May-June 2012)


Paying for MPAs: Examples of Large-Scale Fundraising for Planning and Management

Marine Protected Areas in Fisheries Management: A West African Perspective

Notes & News: Chagos size - Chile - Artisanal fishers and MPAs - Benthic protection areas - Wind farms as MPAs - Climate and MPAs - MPA manager exchanges - Training MPA scientists

From the Database: Five median-sized MPAs

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 13, No. 5 (March-April 2012)


The MPA Math: How to Reach the 10% Target for Global MPA Coverage

MPA Perspective: Key Lessons Learned in the Management of MPAs and Marine Natural Resources
By Graeme Kelleher

Notes & News: MPA Agency Summit - Global Partnership for Oceans - Ross Sea marine reserve - Coral Sea MPA - Guidelines on MPAs and fisheries - Mediterranean MPAs - MPA presentations

From the Database: Most-viewed MPAs on website

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 13, No. 4 (January-February 2012)


Paper Parks Re-Examined: Building a Future for "MPAs-in-Waiting"

On the Current State of MPA Science: An Interview with Joachim Claudet

Australian Government Releases Proposal for Large Coral Sea MPA; Stakeholders Respond

Notes & News: MPA enforcement - Southern California - Uruguay - High seas MPAs - Baltic and northeast Atlantic - Australia - Marine mammal protected areas - Prisoners fishing in no-take area - Marine debris forum

From the Database: The Northernmost MPAs

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 13, No. 3 (November-December 2011)


Marine Debris and MPAs: Managing the Impacts of Litter on Marine Ecosystems

Letter to the Editor: Clarifying the Status of Proposed Marine Reserves in New Zealand

MPA Perspective: Creation of a Network of Locally Managed Marine Areas in the Western Indian Ocean
By Kame Westerman

MPA Perspective: Promoting Peer-to-Peer Dialogue to Achieve Successful MPA Targets
By Giuseppe Di Carlo and Alessandra Pome

Notes & News: No oil exploration in Seaflower - Antarctic MPAs - MPA legislation guidelines- Canada - Planting mangroves - MPA mobile app - MPA management success

From the Database: Largest MPAs by Hemisphere

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 13, No. 2 (September-October 2011)


The Surge in Very Large MPAs: What Is Driving It and What Does the Future Hold?

Letter to the Editor: Additional Comment on Australia's Proposed South-west MPAs

Is Mexico's Cabo Pulmo National Park the Most Successful No-Take Marine Reserve in the World?

Notes & News: MPA enforcement - UK MPAs - Pacific shark sanctuary - 15 MPAs in one town - Brazil protest - New Zealand reserves - Deep ocean MPAs - Mediterranean - Marine mammals - US

MPA Bookshelf: New Publications

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 13, No. 1 (July-August 2011)


Marine Mammal Protected Areas: What Makes Them Special, and How Their Management Can Be Advanced

UN Working Group Recommends Path toward Multilateral Agreement on High Seas Conservation, Including MPAs

Letter to the Editor: Well-Managed Trawl Fishery Would Be Disproportionately Impacted by SW Australian MPAs

Notes & News: Guide on EBM - World Heritage - China - Canada - Mediterranean

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 12, No. 6 (May-June 2011)


Finding the Balance: Strengthening MPA Governance by Mixing Top-Down, Bottom-Up, and Other Approaches

What Are the Main Challenges Facing the MPA World?

Australia Announces Plan for Large Network of MPAs off SW Coast

Comparing the Costs of Large vs. Small MPAs, and No-Take Areas vs. Multi-Use MPAs: Interview with Natalie Ban

Notes & News: Compensation for displaced fishers - Chile & US - Palau - MPA scorecards - Reserve science - Bonaire coral resilience - Reducing ship strikes - Mobile apps for MPAs - Retailers support MPAs

Impacts of the March 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami on Japanese MPAs

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 12, No. 5 (March-April 2011)


The Great Barrier Reef Structural Adjustment Package: How It Grew Out of Control, and Its Implications for Future MPA Processes

In Colombian MPA, Management Files Suit to Stop Oil Exploration Inside Boundary

High Seas Closures in the Western Tropical Pacific: A Step Forward for MPAs in International Waters

Letter to the Editor: Large MPAs Can Be a Distraction

Notes & News: Bottom fishing in N. Pacific - Costa Rica - New Zealand - Namibia - Sargasso Sea - Grenadines MPA network - Marine World Heritage - US national system - Lionfish invasion - MPA winemaking

Correction: Global MPA Coverage Figure Was Low

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 12, No. 4 (January-February 2011)


Comparing Two Methods of Building MPA Networks: One Site at a Time vs. All at Once

Network Launched for Managers of Very Large MPAs

MPA Perspective: Autonomous Vessels Offer New Tool for MPA Research and Enforcement

Letters to the Editor

Science Spotlight: Studies on Larval Export, MPA Impacts on Communities

Notes & News: MPA web domains for sale - Purse seine closures - California - Raja Ampat - US - IMCC2 - MPAs in fisheries management

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 12, No. 3 (November-December 2010)


With Global MPA Coverage Falling Short of 10% Target, Biodiversity Summit Extends Deadline

Views on Global MPA Coverage and the 10% Target: Interview with Kristina Gjerde and Mark Spalding

More Outputs from the Convention on Biological Diversity Meeting: Publications, Awards, Debt Swap

Large New MPAs Designated in North Atlantic, South America, Western Australia

Five-Year Study Releases Findings on Effects of MPAs

Program to Help Displaced Fishers Ends Up Costing 25 Times More than Planned

Letters to the Editor

Notes & News: Carbon-neutral MPA - Shark sanctuaries - Plastic in MPAs - French-funded MPAs - Applying IUCN categories - Parks Canada

Reef Resilience: Management Tips to Prepare for Ocean Acidification

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 12, No. 2 (September-October 2010)


MPAs and Indigenous Peoples: Co-Management as a Means of Respecting Traditional Culture and Strengthening Conservation

MPA Perspective: Reflections on Resource Management, Native Hawaiian Culture, and Papahanaumokuakea
By Miwa Tamanaha

From the Editor: MPA News in Spanish; Reader Feedback

Notes & News: UK - Canada - Malta - World Heritage - US - MPA expert database - Connectivity handbook - Coral Triangle MPA - LMMA Network - Invasive lionfish - MPA networks - Coral ID guide - Sea level rise - Undersea weddings

Science Spotlight: Can Protected Areas Change Fish Behavior?

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 12, No. 1 (July-August 2010)


Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: The Experiences of MPA Managers So Far, and What Lessons Can Be Learned

Is Offshore Drilling Worth the Environmental Risk of Spills?

How Close Is the MPA Field to Meeting Its Global Targets?

MPA Perspective: Standardizing the Effective Management of MPAs in Italy
By Carlo Franzosini, Marco Costantini, Saul Ciriaco, Maurizio Spoto

Notes & News: Large no-take areas - Albania - US - Canada - Russia - Vietnam - IMCC2 - MPA size and spacing - Enforcement - Coral reef monitoring

Building Resilience: Communicating Bleaching Incidents to Stakeholders

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 11, No. 6 (May-June 2010)


UK Designates MPA around Chagos Archipelago, But No Decision Yet on How Much Will Be No-Take

Special Section: Experiences in MPA Enforcement, Part II: More Tools and Strategies

MPA Perspective: International Challenges for the Establishment of MPAs in the Dutch North Sea
By Ton IJlstra

Notes & News: John Clark - Portugal - Oil spills - Phoenix Islands - Tokelau - Egypt - Mission Blue - MPAs and marine planning - Indigenous people - UK - Marxan - Online mapping tool - Spillover - MPA News website

MPA Education Spotlight: Taking students snorkeling in MPAs

MPA Tip: On the importance of long time frames for building trust

Building Resilience: Put a bleaching response plan on your to-do list

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 11, No. 5 (March-April 2010)


MPA Enforcement: How Practitioners Are Developing New Tools, Strategies, and Partnerships

Managing a Changing Set of Enforcement Challenges: Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, Philippines

Chagos: Background on a Disputed Archipelago and Efforts to Designate its Waters as a Reserve

Letter to the Editor: Reserve Effects

Notes & News: Pacific tuna closures - Peru - Baltic - Sargasso Sea - High seas closures - US and France - Disney movie - Latin America - Climate change - Economics of MPAs - Reef resilience - Protected area categories - Great Barrier Reef lessons - Underwater sculptures

Science spotlight: Global study shows MPAs help to stop coral loss

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 11, No. 4 (January-February 2010)


The Reserve Effect on Fisheries: In Light of Recent Studies, Should It Be Considered Settled Science?

Letters to the Editor: Seismic Surveys and MPAs

Following Copenhagen, Publications and Other Resources Available on Climate Change

Notes & News: Correction - Webinar recap - UK - Caribbean - W. Australia - Tasmania - US - High seas governance - Coral reefs

MPA Tip: On setting up a monitoring plan

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 11, No. 3 (November-December 2009)


Seismic Surveys and MPAs: How Should Managers Address the Issue of Underwater Noise?

On Balancing Science and Conservation in an MPA: A Case from Eastern Canada

New Initiative Guides Protection of Significant Areas in Open Ocean, Deep Sea

New Coordinator of World Heritage Marine Programme Describes Plan Forward

Notes & News: Chagos - Antarctica - Mozambique - Sweden and Norway - MPA at resort - Deepwater corals - Palau - Nova Scotia - Human chain - Compensation - US - Coral stress response plan - WCPA - Analytical tool

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 11, No. 2 (September-October 2009)


Planning MPAs for the Deep Ocean: How Can We Protect What We Do Not Yet Know?

Applying the Arts to MPA Planning and Management: Four Examples

Research Spotlight: Would It Be Better to Select Areas where Fishing Is Allowed, Rather than Disallowed?

Letter to the Editor: MPAs, Politics, and Chess

Webinar: "Lessons from MPA Networking Programs, Part II", 19 October 2009

MPA Tip: Coordinating Research in an MPA

Notes & News: France - Great Barrier Reef - Fish habitat areas - South Australia - Arctic - California - Statement of concern - U.S. - LMMA Network - Involving stakeholders

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 11, No. 1 (July-August 2009)


Note from the Editor: An Anniversary and a New Publishing Schedule

Updates on MPA Networks in Progress: Experiences So Far in Victoria and West Hawai`i

Special Section: More News from the Second International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC2)

Letter to the Editor: Be Honest with Communities about MPAs

Notes & News: Western Pacific - Indonesia - Mexico - Brazil - World Heritage sites - Tropical marine EBM - Marine conservation agreements - MPA guidelines - Skills-building lessons

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 10, No. 11 (June 2009)


Australia Designates Massive, Interim Conservation Zone in Coral Sea

South Africa Announces Plan for Large Offshore MPA

Special Section: News from the International Marine Conservation Congress and Second International Marine Protected Areas Congress

Results of MPA News Poll: Appreciation Growing for EBM, and for MPAs' Place in It

Notes & News: Mid-Atlantic Ridge - Enforcement technology - South Pacific LMMAs - U.S. coral habitat - MPA Fund

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 10, No. 10 (May 2009)


Communicating with Stakeholders and Communities: Specialists Offer Their Advice to MPA Managers

Compensation Plan Proposed for MPA-Affected Fishers in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

Financing Spotlight: Funding Fijian MPAs through Resource "Adoption" Programs

Notes & News: IMPAC2 - U.S. National System of MPAs - "Best Job in the World" - MPA course - Marine mammal MPAs

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 10, No. 9 (April 2009)


Re-Examining the Role of MPAs in Ecosystem-Based Management

MPA Perspective With Three Federal Authorities Protecting Marine Areas, Canada Takes an Integrated Approach to MPA Establishment
By the Federal Marine Protected Areas Strategy Working Group

MPA Perspective Protecting the Marine Resources of Northwest Ecuador with Local Communities - Creation of the First Marine Reserve in Mainland Ecuador
By Soledad Luna, Patricia Zurita, Tannya Lozada, Manfred Altamirano and Luis Suárez

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 10, No. 8 (March 2009)


How the Global Financial Crisis Could Affect MPAs, and What Practitioners Are Doing to Prepare for It

New Web-Based Tool Allows Planners to Design MPAs, View Potential Impacts Instantly

Research Spotlight: Balancing Human Health and Marine Ecosystem Health

Notes & News: Namibia - South Australia - U.S. - Social dimensions of MPAs - Reserve effects - Mediterranean

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 10, No. 7 (February 2009)


U.S. Designates Three More Large MPAs in the Pacific

"The Best Job in the World": Queensland Campaign Results in 14,000 Applications for MPA Job

Publication Offers Guidelines, Best Practices for Tropical MPA Management

Planning Spotlight: Using "Sliding Windows" to Design MPAs

Notes & News: Arctic closure - Training of trainers - Global MPA progress - Acidification - European MPAs - Google Earth - IMCC - Ocean observing systems - Vertical zoning

MPA Tip: On a Simple Method for Gap Analysis

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 10, No. 6 (December 2008/January 2009)


Ocean Acidification: What It Could Mean for MPAs

The Honolulu Declaration on Ocean Acidification and Reef Management

Applying Conservation and Management Lessons from the Great Barrier Reef to the Baltic Sea Region: Interview with Åsa Andersson

U.S. Releases Final Framework for National MPA System

Notes & News: MPA networks - California - Fisheries management - MPA economics - World Conservation Congress - Ecuador

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 10, No. 5 (November 2008)


The New IUCN Definition for "Protected Area": Examining Its Effects on MPA Practice

Certification Program Now Available for MPA Managers

No-Take Marine Reserves as Fishery Management Tools: An Interview with Bob Steneck

MPA Perspective An Australian View on MPA Report Cards
By Trevor Ward, Graham Edgar, and Hugh Possingham

Letter to the Editor

Notes & News: Moreton Bay - Argentina - Gender and protected areas - Public opinion - Madagascar - South Africa

MPA Tip: On Resolving Management Conflicts with Stakeholders

[This issue is also available enespañol.]

Vol. 10, No. 4 (October 2008)


World Conservation Congress Brings Many Developments for MPA Practitioners: New Tools, Publications, Principles

Huge No-Take Area Proposed for Australian Coral Sea

MPA Perspective A Role for Marine Conservation Agreements
By John Claussen, Eduard Niesten, Dick Rice, Jay Udelhoven, and Patricia Zurita

Notes & News: Greenpeace action - LMMAs - Canada - U.S. - Park rangers

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 10, No. 3 (September 2008)


What Will MPA Planning and Management Be Like in 10 Years?: MPA Practitioners Forecast the Future

US President Bush Considers Major New MPAs for Central and Western Pacific

MPA Perspective Managing the "Nemo Effect" of Globalization in the Reef Fish Community
By Juan Carlos Huitron

MPA Perspective A New Framework for Managing Impacts of Structures in Declared Fish Habitat Areas
By Mary Lawrence, Dave Sully, John Beumer, and Dawn Couchman

Notes & News: International Marine Conservation Congress - MPA blog - Fisheries management and MPAs - MediterraneanMPAs

MPA Tip: Tracking Ships to Avoid Damage to Sensitive Areas

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 10, No. 2 (August 2008)


Selecting Sites for MPAs: How Practitioners Have Used Different Methods in Planning MPA Networks

Future Directions in MPA Site Selection
By Dan Brumbaugh

MPA Perspective Building Networks of MPAs for Sustainable Reef Fisheries in Indonesia - The COREMAP Experience
By Peter J. Mous, Agus Dermawan, Cheeryta Yunia

Notes & News: MPA management capacity - Malpelo - Networking educators - Valuation of closures

MPA Tip: Making technical language accessible for public planning processes

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 10, No. 1 (July 2008)


What Does Your MPA Cost?: Considering the Various Costs of MPAs to Stakeholders and Management

The Micronesia Challenge: Assessing Progress Over the Past Two Years

MPA Perspective The Outer Continental Shelf: Opportunities for Marine Environmental Protection
By Daniel Owen

Notes & News: Marxan handbook - World Heritage sites

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 9, No. 11 (June 2008)


De Facto MPAs: How They Can Assist Conservation and Resource Management

MPA Perspective Monitoring for Resilience to Climate Change in Coral MPAs
By David Obura, Gabriel Grimsditch, and Ameer Abdulla

Implementing France's MPA Law: Interview with Olivier Laroussinie, Director of the French MPA Agency

Notes & News: High seas MPAs - MPA governance - Social dimensions of MPAs - US - Leasing and owning - Science of reserves

MPA Tip: How to Approach Donors to Establish an Endowment

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 9, No. 10 (May 2008)


Creating Endowments for Sustainable Funding of MPAs: Experts Describe the Opportunities and Challenges

MPA Perspective A National MPA Network for Canada by 2012: How Do We Get There from Here?
By Sabine Jessen

MPA Perspective Integrating a Community-Based MPA Network at the Barangay Level in the Philippines
By Jan-Willem van Bochove

Letter to the Editor

Notes & News: UK - Australia - Canada

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 9, No. 9 (April 2008)


Marine Peace Parks: Establishing Transboundary MPAs to Improve International Relations and Conservation

A Conversation with Willem van Riet, Peace Parks Foundation

Facing the Challenges of the Next 50 Years: Interview with Russell Reichelt - Chair, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Notes & News: IMPAC2 - WCPA survey - US - Locally managed marine areas - High seas governance

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 9, No. 8 (March 2008)


Kiribati Expands Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Creating World's Largest MPA

MPA Global Database Releases Figures: MPAs Cover Just 0.65% of Oceans

MPA Perspective MPAs in Europe - Challenges and Opportunities
By José A. García-Charton, Concepción Marcos, Fuensanta Salas, and Ángel Pérez-Ruzafa

MPA Perspective Climate Change and the U.S. National System of MPAs - Why Places Are Important
By Joseph Uravitch

Notes & News: Marxan - Social dimensions of MPAs - High seas reserves - UK - Deep coral ecosystems - US

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 9, No. 7 (February 2008)


New Project to Strengthen the World Database on Protected Areas: What MPA Practitioners Can Expect

MPA Perspective The International Year of the Reef 2008 - Time to Renew Efforts for Coral Reef MPAs
By Susan Wells

MPA Spotlight Profiling the Debate Over Reopening Tsitsikamma National Park to Fishing

Notes & News: Uganda - India - Mediterranean - UK - US

MPA Tip: On restoring seagrass after vessel damage

[This issue is also available en español.]

Vol. 9, No. 6 (December 2007/January 2008)


What Should Be Done When MPAs Do Not Meet Their Goals?: Poll Reveals Range of Views

Special Feature Insights on Fisheries and Marine Protected Areas from the European Symposium on MPAs
A. How Much, and How Often, Should the Fishing Industry Be Involved in MPA Planning?
B. Finding a Balance Between Conventional Fisheries Management and MPAs: Interview with Peter Jones

MPA Spotlight: Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, a World Heritage Site, Addresses Illegal Fishing and Seismic Exploration

Notes & News: Channel Islands - Canada - Marine reserve science - MPAs and poverty - U.S. MPAs - IMPAC2

MPA Tip: Managing MPAs for Resilience Amid Climate Change

[This issue is also available enespañol.]

Vol. 9, No. 5 (November 2007)


New Zealand Designates Network of Deep Sea Protected Areas Covering More than One Million Square Kilometers

Special Feature More Lessons from the European Symposium on MPAs
1. Why agencies should consider the use of pre-arranged agreements in MPA planning
2. What the MPA science community "knows it doesn't know", and what this implies for management

Notes & News: South America - Europe - RFMOs - Prehistoric fishing

MPA Tip: Management plans should be clear and simple

Vol. 9, No. 4 (October 2007)


Coral Species Added to IUCN Red List for First Time: What Does This Mean for MPAs?

Special Feature European Symposium Examines MPAs Across Fisheries Management and Ecosystem Conservation

MPA Perspective Defining Conservation in the Marine Realm, Including What Is (or Is Not) an MPA
By Richard Kenchington

Notes & News: Latin American MPAs - Blue Auction results - Lessons learned DVD - Natura 2000 - MPAs and fisheries management - Ship strikes with cetaceans - Great Barrier Reef - Recreational fishing

MPA Tip: The Fundamental Criterion for MPA Success

Vol. 9, No. 3 (September 2007)


Big Old Fat Fecund Female Fish: The BOFFFF Hypothesis and What It Means for MPAs and Fisheries Management

Before All the Ice Melts, Part II: More Experts Weigh In on Proactive Management for Arctic Ocean

Notes & News: Auctioning species names - Gap analysis - Coral conservation funding - Reef fisheries research - Loss of coral cover - Ocean history book

Vol. 9, No. 2 (August 2007)


Before the Ice Melts: Experts Discuss Proactive Protection of the Arctic Ocean in Anticipation of Climate Change

MPA Perspective Developing Design Guidance for Offshore MPAs
By Jennifer A. Brown and Lisa Wooninck

Notes & News: Australian MPA network - Mexico - Moorings - Economics of MPAs - Coral reef MPAs - Training of trainers - Pelagic MPAs - Cold-water coral disease

Vol. 9, No. 1 (July 2007)


Unchecked Tourism in Galapagos Endangers National Park and Marine Reserve: Interview with Graham Watkins

Canadian Trawlers Designate Voluntary Coral Closure; Fisheries Management Calls It "Good First Step"

More Lessons from California MPA-Planning Process: Fishing Industry Viewpoints

Management Spotlight: MPAs Coordinate Management at Opposite Ends of Whale Migration Route

Notes & News: Self-assessment checklist - MPA effectiveness - Classifying coastal and shelf areas - Recreational fishing and MPAs

MPA Tip: Managing Research in MPAs

Note from the Editor

Vol. 8, No. 11 (June 2007)


Newsletter to Be Launched on Ecosystem-Based Management; Will Serve as Sister Publication to MPA News

Planners Discuss Role of Science and Socioeconomics in California MPA-Planning Process

MPA Perspective Challenges Faced by the Global MPA Field
By Jeff Ardron

Notes & News: Indonesia - Pacific Islands - Papahanaumokuakea - Precautionary principle - Marine spatial planning - High seas MPAs - MPA categories

MPA Tip: Managing Visitor Impact

Vol. 8, No. 10 (May 2007)


Do We Really Need 50 Ways to Say "Marine Protected Area"?: Views on MPA Terminology, and Efforts to Categorize MPAs

Update on WCPA-Marine Summit: Guidebook Released on Establishing MPA Networks; "Wet List" and Action Plan to Come

Agreement Places Strict Limits on Bottom Trawling in South Pacific

Letter to the Editor: Mobile MPAs good for more than just highly migratory species

Notes & News: IMPAC1 proceedings - California - Managing SCUBA diving - Reef restoration - European MPA scientists - Historical marine ecology

MPA Tip: Questions for Thinking about the Business of Protected Areas

Vol. 8, No. 9 (April 2007)


Global MPA Priorities to Be Set this Month: Interview with Dan Laffoley, Vice Chair - Marine, World Commission on Protected Areas

UK Launches Proposals to Plan Nation's Waters, Create Network of MPAs

MPA Perspective Developing Capacity-Building Programs to Meet the Needs of Regional MPAs
By Anne Walton

New Publications Available on Protected Area Management and Integrated Coastal Management

Notes & News: Canada - Brazil - US - New Zealand

Research Spotlight: Ocean Tracking Network

Vol. 8, No. 8 (March 2007)


Using Marine Reserves to Protect Highly Migratory Species: Scientists Discuss Potential Strategies, Including Mobile MPAs

On the Importance of Educating Park Visitors: An Interview with Phil Dearden

Letter to the Editor: Recreational angling and Skomer Marine Nature Reserve

As Ocean Warms, Will Great Barrier Reef Migrate Southward? (And If So, Should the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Follow It?)

MPA Planning Spotlight: Update on Implementation of California's Marine Life Protection Act

Notes & News: Colombia - Fiji - Ocean zoning - Caribbean MPAs - Grants for EBM tools

Vol. 8, No. 7 (February 2007)


Educating Stakeholders about MPAs: Practitioners Use an Array of Methods

MPA Perspective Aligning the Interests of Anglers and Conservation Groups on MPAs
By Leon Roskilly

Notes & News: Sea level rise - Ecosystem resilience - Manager survey - Mediterranean MPAs - Puerto Rico

Vol. 8, No. 6 (December 2006/January 2007)


In an Era of Climate Change, How Can Managers Ensure that Today's MPAs Remain Relevant Over Time?

MPA Perspective The Sea Search Partnership: A Community-Based Monitoring Program for MPAs in Victoria, Australia
By Rebecca Koss, Anthony Boxshall, and Peter Brown

Results from the MPA News Reader Poll: The Relationship between MPAs and Ecosystem-Based Management

Notes & News: Scaling up MPAs - Canada - Australia - Victoria - Knowledge synthesis - Sharing lessons - EMPAS project

Vol. 8, No. 5 (November 2006)


Bringing MPAs Online: The Use of Webcams for Education, Monitoring, and Other Purposes

Costs and Challenges Involved with Webcams: Interview with Daniel Senie of Caribbean Webcams

MPA Perspective A Practical Rule of Thumb for Spacing in MPA Networks
By Jeffrey M. Leis

Notes & News: Coral bleaching - Canada - Pollution - Norway - Upcoming events

Vol. 8, No. 4 (October 2006)


Examining the Role of MPAs in Ecosystem-Based Management, and Vice Versa: Five Examples

Research Spotlight: Lessons Learned on MPAs, Conservation, and Customary Sea Tenure in the Western Solomon Islands

Notes & News: MPA boundaries - Underwater heritage - Climate change - MPA framework for US - MPAs proposed for Spain

Vol. 8, No. 3 (September 2006)


Oil Spills in Lebanon and the Philippines Highlight Spill Threat to MPAs

Advice for MPA Managers on Oil Spills: Interview with Jim E. Peschel

Results from MPA News Poll: Which MPA is "World's Largest"?

Network of Marine Reserves Designated in Central California

Notes & News: Croatia - Conservation success factors - Philippine MPAs - Biodiversity proxies - Fish-friendly structures - Free journal access

Letter to the Editor: Use of MPAs should be flexible, not rigid

Vol. 8, No. 2 (August 2006)


Protecting the Spawning and Nursery Habitats of Fish: The Use of MPAs to Safeguard Critical Life-History Stages for Marine Life

MPA Perspective Anatomy of an Advocacy Campaign
By Joshua Reichert

MPA News Reader Poll: Which MPA is the "World's Largest"?

Notes & News: Mediterranean MPAs - World Heritage - Fisheries refugia guidelines - Sudan

Vol. 8, No. 1 (July 2006)


US Designates "World's Largest" MPA in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

MPA Perspective MPAs in Indonesia: What Progress Has Been Made Since 1984?
By Lida Pet-Soede

Research Spotlight: Project Seeks Answers to What Makes an MPA Effective, Among Other Questions

Recent Developments toward a System of High-Seas MPAs:An Interview with Kristina Gjerde

Notes & News: High-seas closures - Vanuatu - Coral grants - Mediterranean reserves - Self-funding protected areas

Letter from the Editor

Vol. 7, No. 11 (June 2006)


Balancing Ecology and Economics: Viewpoints on the Process of Planning an MPA Network for SE Australia

Notes & News: W. Pacific MPAs - Sacred protected areas - Regional fisheries management

Vol. 7, No. 10 (May 2006)


Special Feature: Measurement of Management Effectiveness - The Next Major Stage in MPAs?
A. Why Should We Evaluate the Management Effectiveness of a MPA?
B. Table: Methodologies for Evaluating MPA Management Effectiveness
C. On Defining MPA "Success" and Choosing an Evaluation Method: Interview with Marc Hockings

Notes & News: SE Australia - Murder of patrol officer - High-seas reserves - Financing protected areas

MPA Perspective Using Regional Workshops to Understand the Human Dimension of MPAs
By Bryan Oles, Charles M. Wahle, Sarah Fischer, Marc L. Miller, and Patrick Christie

Vol. 7, No. 9 (April 2006)


Kiribati Designates Large MPA, to Be Funded by Endowment

MPA Perspective New Zealand Seafood Industry Proposes Huge Closures - Cynicism or Pragmatism?
By Kevin Stokes

MPA Perspective MPA Management Policies in West Africa: Recommended Guidelines for Balancing Conservation and Development
By Bertrand Cazalet

Notes & News: Global MPA assessment - Rapid response fund - Trawl closure - Post-tsunami reefs - Research spotlight

Vol. 7, No. 8 (March 2006)


Use of Volunteers in MPA Management: Opportunities, Challenges, and Advice

MPA Perspective Managing Recreational Fishing in MPAs through Vertical Zoning: The Importance of Understanding Benthic-Pelagic Linkages
By Charles Wahle, Rikki Grober-Dunsmore, and Lisa Wooninck

Letters to the Editor

Notes & News: NZ trawl closure - WCPA - Dutch Caribbean - Mapping human use - Reef protection - Conference report - Caribbean course - Master's degree - Ineffective reserves

Vol. 7, No. 7 (February 2006)


MPA Network Is Proposed for SE Australia; Will Be Integrated with National Program to Reduce Fishing Effort

Displaced Effort, License Buyouts, and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: Interview with Stephen Oxley

MPA Perspective Protecting the Least-Protected Places on Earth: The Open Oceans
By Elliott A. Norse

MPA Perspective A Marine Reserve Manifesto
By Bill Ballantine

Notes & News: Correction - New Zealand - Oregon - MPA management - Mediterranean - Support MPA News

Vol. 7, No. 6 (December 2005/January 2006)


Sacred MPAs: Where Protected Areas Hold Spiritual Value for Stakeholders, and How This Affects Management

"We are part of nature...not its steward": Interview with Allen Putney

MPA Perspective Paper Parks in the Philippines - Improved Information Tells a New Story
By Alan T. White and Anna Blesilda T. Meneses

A Year After the Tsunami: Surin Marine National Park, Thailand

Letters to the Editor

Notes & News: IMPAC1 coverage - Mooring buoy funding - New Zealand - Great Barrier Reef - Coral reef MPAs - Spawning aggregations - Tips on public consultation

Vol. 7, No. 5 (November 2005)


Global Targets for MPA Designations Will Not Be Met; Experts Respond

MPA Perspective What Qualities Make a "Great Park"
By Artie Jacobson

MPA Perspective Problems and Recommendations for Using GIS to Improve Decision-Making in California's Channel Islands Marine Reserves
By Michael Robinson, Chris Miller, Chris Hoeflinger, and Barbara Walker

MPA Perspective Developing Guidelines for "Fish-Friendly" Aquatic Infrastructure
By Kurt Derbyshire

Notes & News: Eastern Canada - Fiji - Coral bleaching - Ecosystem-based management - Precautionary principle - Socioeconomic monitoring

Vol. 7, No. 4 (October 2005)


MPA News Poll: The Coming Challenges for MPAs, and How to Address Them

MPA Perspective Conservation Incentive Agreements As a Tool for Developing and Managing MPAs
By Eduard Niesten, Richard Rice, and Mark Erdmann

MPA Spotlight The Tropical Eastern Pacific Corridor: Efforts to Protect Multinational Area Face Opposition from Tuna Fleet

Notes & News: Correction - Caribbean fishery restrictions - Caribbean MPAs - Cultural MPAs - NWHI

Vol. 7, No. 3 (September 2005)


Mooring Buoys as a Management Tool for Controlling Visitor Impacts: An Introduction

"Sacrificial" Areas: An Appropriate Management Tool for MPAs?

The Role of MPAs in Protecting Against Coastal Disasters: Interview with Terry Hughes

Notes & News: Coral MPA funding - IMPAC1 - Aleutian MPA - Enforcement

Vol. 7, No. 2 (August 2005)


"Sister MPAs": Building International Relationships Between Sites to Share Lessons

MPA Perspective: Key Findings on the Sustainability of Integrated Coastal Management Processes

MPA Spotlight: Tanzanian MPA Teams Up with Mobile Phone Company to Improve Communications

Notes & News: World Heritage - Mediterranean MPAs - MPA networks - Island MPAs

Letter to the Editor

Vol. 7, No. 1 (July 2005)


Developing a National System of MPAs: US Working To Promote Coordination of Existing and Future Sites

Feedback on the Roles of Science and Stakeholders in MPA Decision-making

Letter to the Editor

Notes & News: Fish biomass in reserves - US trawl ban - Acoustic tracking - Priority conservation areas

Note from the Editor

Vol. 6, No. 11 (June 2005)


Applying Lessons from Rainforest Protected Areas to MPA Management: Interview with Tom Struhsaker

Hawai'i Resource Managers Propose State Marine Reserve for NWHI

MPA Perspective Science, Participation, and Politics in MPA Management
By Nancy Dahl-Tacconi, University of Queensland

Notes & News: IMPAC1 - Precautionary principle - Pew Fellows - Biodiversity loss - Western Pacific - Arctic ecosystems - Tsunami links

Letters to the Editor

Vol. 6, No. 10 (May 2005)


Sportfishing, MPAs, and the Debate Over Management

MPA Profile The Seaflower MPAs, Colombia: Cooperative, Consensus-Based Planning with Stakeholders

MPA Perspective Deep-Sea Vents Should Be World Heritage Sites
By Magnus Johnson, University of Hull, UK

Letter to the Editor

Notes & News: Great Barrier Reef - IMPAC1

Vol. 6, No. 9 (April 2005)


The Science and Politics of Marine Reserves: When Planners Raise Community Hopes of Higher Fishery Yields

Scientific Opinion on Promises of Higher Fishery Yields

Bottom Trawling Prohibited Below 1000 Meters in Mediterranean

Notes & News: Queensland - Tanzania - UK - Barents Sea - Russia - MPA networks

Letter to the Editor

Vol. 6, No. 8 (March 2005)


Climate Change and Ocean Warming: Preparing MPAs for It

Project Is Underway to Create Global MPA Database

Tsunami Aftermath: Pulau Weh, Indonesia

Notes & News: Huge trawl closure - Poverty and MPAs - Anchor damage

Vol. 6, No. 7 (February 2005)


Assessing Tsunami Damage to Indian Ocean MPAs: Efforts Underway to Find Answers Amid Chaos

Scientists: UK Should Set Aside 30% of Waters as No-Take Reserves

Notes & News: Oil spill - Reef resilience - Mediterranean Sea - MPA financing - IMPAC1

Letter to the Editor

Vol. 6, No. 6 (December 2004/January 2005)


Invasive Species: Their Threat to MPAs, and How Practitioners Are Responding

Advice to Managers on Invasions: Imène Meliane, IUCN Global Marine Programme

IUCN Recommends Temporary Ban on High-Seas Bottom Trawling

Toolkit Provides Quick, All-Purpose Guide for MPA Managers in Western Indian Ocean

Notes & News: Seismic testing - Ningaloo - New Zealand - Cruise tourism - Collective action problems - Cetacean MPAs - MPAs and poverty - Coral reefs

Vol. 6, No. 5 (November 2004)


Should MPAs Play a Role in Reducing Poverty?

New Fund to Channel Tourism Revenues to Mexican MPAs

MPA Perspective Divers Feeding Fishes: A Continuing Issue in MPA Management
By William Alevizon, Wildlife Conservation Society, USA

Notes & News: Seamount MPAs - MPA social science - Warden exchange - Conference proceedings

Conference Calendar

Vol. 6, No. 4 (October 2004)


Using Computer Software to Design Marine Reserve Networks: Planners Discuss Their Use of MARXAN

MPA News Poll: What Qualities Make a Good MPA Manager?

New Book Takes Comprehensive Look at Marine Reserves

Notes & News: Funding available - Advice on MPAs - Vanuatu MPA - Cold-water corals - Caribbean MPAs - Education journal

Vol. 6, No. 3 (September 2004)


Urban MPAs: Protecting Marine Habitats in the Midst of Human Populations

Agreement to Protect Titanic Provides Model for High-Seas MPAs

Panel Releases Consensus Statement on Reserves as Fisheries Management Tool

Notes & News: Involving stakeholders - Monitoring coral - Rating management - Sacred MPA - California - MPA figures

Letter to the Editor

Vol. 6, No. 2 (August 2004)


Assessing the Carrying Capacity of MPAs: How Many Visitors Can Your MPA Hold?

MPA Profile: Trying to Balance Conservation and Sustainable Development in Russia's Largest MPA

Notes & News: Management effectiveness scorecard - Fundraising for MPAs - Coral reef MPA paper

Letter to the Editor

Vol. 6, No. 1 (July 2004)


Predation in Marine Reserves: How Increases in Predator Populations Can Impact Diversity and Fisheries Goals

MPA Perspective Lessons for MPAs from Terrestrial Conservation
By Peter Kareiva, The Nature Conservancy

A Brief Guide to Regional MPA Projects in the Caribbean

Study: Global MPA Network Would Cost $12-14 Billion Annually

Notes & News: German MPAs - World Heritage sites

Vol. 5, No. 11 (June 2004)


Mixing Oil and Water, Part II: The Offshore Oil & Gas Industry and MPA Planning

The Science and Policy of Protecting Spawning Aggregations: Interview with Yvonne Sadovy

MPA Perspective Preparing for Negotiations on Coastal Issues
By Kristy Ellenberg, Ellenberg Associates

Notes & News: State-level MPAs - Online coral discussion - Connecting with local media

Vol. 5, No. 10 (May 2004)


Australian Parliament Passes Re-Zoning Bill for Great Barrier Reef, Creating World's Largest Reserve System

Mixing Oil and Water, Part I: Examining Interactions Between Offshore Petroleum and MPAs

Measuring MPA Effectiveness: New Guidebook Provides Framework and Cases

Notes & News: Partnering in Caribbean

Vol. 5, No. 9 (April 2004)


Acoustic Tracking of Fish: How Continuous Data on Fish Movement Could Change the Planning of MPAs

UN Biodiversity Meeting Calls for Networks of MPAs

MPA Perspective When Is Coral Reef Rehabilitation an Appropriate Use of MPA Funding?
By Mark Erdmann, Bunaken National Park (Indonesia)

Notes & News: MPA finance tools - Lessons from Bunaken - Wetlands rehabilitation - Scientific consensus

Vol. 5, No. 8 (March 2004)


Building "Learning Networks" Among MPAs: Projects Aim to Help Managers Learn from Each Other

Designing an MPA Learning Network: Interview with Nick Salafsky

Letter to the Editor

Ecuadorian Government Agrees to Review Galapagos Fisheries Regulations Following Seizure of Park Facilities by Fishermen

Notes & News: Climate and corals - Tasmanian reserves - Deep-sea corals - Deep-sea fisheries - Data on marine species - Brazilian MPAs - MPA Figures

Vol. 5, No. 7 (February 2004)


Feedback on Subject of Marine Reserve Science: Readers Respond With Variety of Views
Response #1: Moving the Discussion About Marine Reserve Science Forward
Response #2: The Science of Marine Protected Areas - How Much of It Is Useful?
Response #3: No-Take Zones Are Not The Only Way to Achieve Benefits for Biodiversity and Fisheries
Response #4: Scientists Should Focus More on Threat of Pollution

Notes & News: Compensating fishermen - East Asian MPAs - Technology needs of managers - California reserves - Proceedings of World Congress

MPA Perspective Reflections on the New Paradigm for Protected Areas
By Adrian Phillips, IUCN

Vol. 5, No. 6 (December 2003/January 2004)


Seeking the Win-Win Situation: A Brief Guide to Balancing Conservation and Fisheries Yields in Reserve Design

MPA Perspective The Science of Marine Reserves: How Much of It Is Science?
By Trevor Willis, Russell Millar, Russ Babcock & Nick Tolimieri

MPA Perspective Difficulties Involved in Studying Marine Reserves
By Fiona Gell and Callum Roberts

Effort Underway to Expand Use of World Heritage Convention for MPAs

Notes & News: Great Barrier Reef - NE Atlantic seamounts - Management plans

Vol. 5, No. 5 (November 2003)


Tools and Strategies for Financial Sustainability: How Managers Are Building Secure Futures for Their MPAs

Problem Is Shortage of Capacity, Not Revenue Sources: Proposing a New Approach to Financing Protected Areas

Notes & News: Planning alternative livelihoods - "Double payoff" of MPAs - Free journal access - Victoria MPA strategy

Vol. 5, No. 4 (October 2003)


At World Parks Congress, Target Is Set for High-Seas MPAs: Five to Be Designated by 2008

Revisiting a Capacity-Building Project for MPA Managers in the Western Indian Ocean

Letter to the Editor

Notes & News: Madagascar and Senegal - Protecting marine ornamentals - US MPA Advisory Committee

Vol. 5, No. 3 (September 2003)


Biodiversity "Hotspots" Discovered for Large Ocean Predators; Can Serve as Basis for Open-Ocean MPAs, Say Researchers

Special Feature: Innovation and MPAs in the Mediterranean Sea

MPA Perspective The Diminishing Returns of MPA Science
By Jake Rice, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada

Views on Adjustment Programs for Displaced Canadian Fishermen

Notes & News: SE Australia MPAs - Training fisheries managers - World Parks Congress

Vol. 5, No. 2 (August 2003)


When Fishing Grounds Are Closed: Developing Alternative Livelihoods for Fishing Communities

MPA Perspective International Advisory Boards: A Tool for Local MPA Management
By Marion Howard, Former MPA Coordinator, CORALINA

Letter to the Editor

Notes & News: SE Asia MPA network - African conservation areas - Millennium Assessment - MPA congress in 2005 - "B2B" update

Vol. 5, No. 1 (July 2003)


Using Locals in Enforcement, Some MPA Managers See Improved Compliance as a Result

Draft Zoning Plan for Great Barrier Reef Draws Reaction, Faces Changes

MPA Perspective Bringing in the Cash: A Short Guide to Fundraising
By Richard Offen, Manager, Neptune Coastline Campaign (The National Trust, UK)

Notes & News: West African MPAs - Norway - Indonesia - Tourism and MPAs - Precautionary principle - Social science

Letter to the Editor

Vol. 4, No. 11 (June 2003)


Draft Plan Calls for One Third of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park To Be No-Take

"Naturalness" and MPAs: Scientists Discuss Protection for Last Undisturbed Ocean Sites

MPA Perspective The Art of Communicating MPA Science
By Claire Braund, The Regional Institute (New South Wales, Australia)

Notes & News: Ranger killed - Caribbean MPAs - World Heritage sites - National park reserve in Canada - Impact of fishing gears

Vol. 4, No. 10 (May 2003)


Private Ownership, Operation of MPAs: Cases Illustrate Challenges and Opportunities

MPA Perspective Practical Action with Marine Reserve Systems
By Bill Ballantine, Leigh Marine Laboratory

MPA Perspective Managing Conflict With and Among User Groups: Winning Strategies for MPA Managers
By Lynne Hinkey and Heidi Recksiek, (US) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Notes & News: Protecting rangers - Caribbean reserves - MPA course

Vol. 4, No. 9 (April 2003)


The Science of Larval Dispersal and Its Implications for Marine Reserve Planning

MPA Perspective Scientific Principles for Marine Reserve Systems
By Bill Ballantine, Leigh Marine Laboratory

NGOs Enable Mexico to Purchase Islands for Conservation

Notes & News: Canada - New Zealand - Fishery effects of reserves

Vol. 4, No. 8 (March 2003)


Building Trust, Empowering Resource Users: Efforts Underway to Educate, Encourage Participation of Fishermen in MPA Processes

MPA Perspective Integrity in Management
By Graeme Kelleher

Letter to the Editor

Manager Profile: Ashraf Saad Al Cibahy

Notes & News: NZ reserve - high-seas MPAs - MPA economics

Vol. 4, No. 7 (February 2003)


Balancing Ecology and Economics, Part II: Lessons Learned from Planning an MPA Network in Victoria, Australia

MPA Perspective Tips for Developing Marine Boundaries
By David Stein, Technology, Planning, and Management Corporation (TPMC)

Letter to the Editor

Notes & News

Vol. 4, No. 6 (December 2002/January 2003)


Balancing Ecology and Economics: Lessons Learned from the Planning of a Marine Reserve Network in the Channel Islands (US)

MPA Perspective Conserving Ecological Integrity of Marine Reserves: "No-Take" is Not Necessarily "Fully Protected"
By William Alevizon, Wildlife Conservation Society

Notes & News

Vol. 4, No. 5 (November 2002)


Women and MPAs: How Gender Affects Roles in Planning and Management

Interview with Marion Howard: Gender as a Factor in Community-Based MPA Work

Shrimpers and Mexican Government Compromise on Fishing in Reserve

Letter to the Editor

Notes & News

Vol. 4, No. 4 (October 2002)


Measuring the Effects of Marine Reserves on Fisheries: The Dilemmas of Experimental Programs

Australia Designates World's Largest No-Take Area

MPA Perspective Challenges in Planning Protected Areas in Jamaica, and the Co-Management Role of NGOs
By Peter Espeut, Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation

Letter to the Editor

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Vol. 4, No. 3 (September 2002)


World Summit Calls for MPA Networks by 2012

A Perspective on the WSSD Accord
By Bud Ehler, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas

Involvement of the Private Sector in a Community-Based MPA: Case Example from Fiji

MPA Perspective Existing Small Marine Reserves Can Indicate Whether a Larger Network Is Feasible - Case Study from the West Coast of the United States
By Mark A. Hixon, Oregon State University

Canada Designates Trawl Closures to Protect Unique Sponge Reefs

Notes & News

Vol. 4, No. 2 (August 2002)


Using Multibeam Sonar to Map MPAs: Tool of the Future for Planning and Management?

MPA Perspective Mitigating the Effects of Coastal Development on the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve - A Case Example from Mexico
By Juan Bezaury Creel, The Nature Conservancy - Mexico

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Letters to the Editor

Vol. 4, No. 1 (July 2002)


Human Dimensions of MPAs: Facing the Challenges of Social Science and Its Implementation

MPA Perspective MPAs Improve General Management, While Marine Reserves Ensure Conservation
By Bill Ballantine, University of Auckland

Notes & News

Vol. 3, No. 11 (June 2002)


Financial Support for Fishermen Who Are Affected by Marine Reserves: Examining the Merits

MPA Perspective Dangerous Targets and Inflexible Stances Threaten Marine Conservation Efforts
By Tundi Agardy, Sound Seas

MPA Perspective Responding to the Commercial Fishing Industry's Concerns with MPAs in Australia
By Pascale Baelde, University of Canberra

Notes and News

Vol. 3, No. 10 (May 2002)


Recuiting Research That Is Useful to Your MPA: Advice from Experts

What Scientists Want in an MPA Study Site: Interview with Callum Roberts

Finding International Funding for MPAs: Places to Search

MPA Perspective Basis of MPA Success Lies in the Objectives
By Nancy Dahl-Tacconi

Conference Calendar

Notes and News

Vol. 3, No. 9 (April 2002)


Stretching Your MPA Budget: How to Do More with Less Funding

Improving Applications of Science in MPA Design and Management

New England (US) Groundfishery Could Face Additional Closures

California MPA Process Ordered to Start Over: Too Little Input from Fishermen

Letter to the Editor

Notes and News

Vol. 3, No. 8 (March 2002)


"Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas": Using a Comprehensive Planning Tool to Protect Habitats from Shipping

Gaps to Be Addressed in Management: Advice from Caribbean MPAs

MPA Perspective Ways to Ensure Marine Reserves Get a Fair Test
By Brock Bernstein, National Fisheries Conservation Center

Letters from Readers

Notes and News

Vol. 3, No. 7 (February 2002)


Managing Water Quality in MPAs: How Practitioners Are Handling the Challenges

MPA Perspective Advice for Promoting Participation of Authorities and Stakeholders in MPA Planning
By Peter J.S. Jones, University College London

From the Editor: Definitions

Letters from Readers

Notes and News

Vol. 3, No. 6 (December 2001/January 2002)


The Spillover Effect: What Do the Reserves in St. Lucia and Cape Canaveral Tell Us?

Putting No-Take Marine Reserves in Perspective
By Mark Tupper, University of Guam

Special Section: Insights on MPAs and Indigenous Peoples -- Part Two
(Feature: Indigenous Involvement Often Influenced by Culture and Regional Circumstances -- Four Examples)

Results from the Reader Challenge: Which MPA is the Oldest?

Notes and News

Vol. 3, No. 5 (November 2001)


Conserving Habitats that Are Poorly Understood: Deepwater Corals and Efforts to Protect Them

MPA Perspective Why and How MPA Planners Should Obtain Fishermen's Knowledge
By Bruce Burrows

Special Section: Insights on MPAs and Indigenous Peoples -- Part I
A. Indigenous Peoples and MPAs: Interview with Gonzalo Oviedo of WWF
B. On the Need for the Study of Indigenous Fishers' Knowledge, By Bob Johannes

Notes and News

Letter to the Editor

Letter from the Editor of MPA News

Vol. 3, No. 4 (October 2001)


Sea Shepherd, an International NGO, Participates in Enforcement at Two MPAs

Australia to Assess 11 Potential MPA Sites

Workshop Results: Tips from Managers on Improving Science in MPA Management

MPA Perspective Marine Protected Areas in the North Sea
By the Fisheries Society of the British Isles

Conference Calendar

Vol. 3, No. 3 (September 2001)


Managers of Cultural MPAs Face Unique Challenges

UNESCO Draft Convention on Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: An Introduction

New Atlas of World's Coral Reefs Sheds Light on Status of MPAs

Workshop Results: Tips from Scientists on Improving Science in MPA Management

Reader Challenge: When Was the First MPA Designated?

Notes and News

Vol. 3, No. 2 (August 2001)


Creating MPA Inventories: How Canada and the US Are Meeting the Challenge

Revisiting High-Seas MPAs: A New Report, and Results of a Workshop

More Information on Climate Change and MPAs

Vol. 3, No. 1 (July 2001)


How Climate Change Could Affect MPAs: What Practitioners Need to Know

Plan for MPA System in Victoria (Australia) Faces Impasse on Issue of Fisher Compensation

MPA Perspective Using Biological Survey Data When Selecting MPAs -- A Framework

Vol. 2, No. 11 (June 2001)


Paper Parks: Why They Happen, and What Can Be Done to Change Them

Tortugas Ecological Reserve to Take Effect

Canada to Designate MPA for Hydrothermal Vents

More Responses on the State of MPA Science

Vol. 2, No. 10 (May 2001)


Science as a Central Tool in Planning Marine Reserves: Case Study of the Channel Islands

Interview: Channel Islands Scientists Discuss their Work

MPA Practitioners Face Challenges in Accessing Science

The State of MPA Science: What Have We Learned Lately?

Vol. 2, No. 9 (April 2001)


MPAs and Tourism: Stakeholders Work to Build a Productive Relationship

Manual Offers Quick Reference for Management Strategies

New Book, Website Provide MPA Inventory for British Columbia

MPA Perspective MPA Revenue Generation and the User Fee Option

Conference Calendar

Vol. 2, No. 8 (March 2001)


Creating Self-Financing Mechanisms for MPAs: Three Cases

IUCN Offers Financing Guidebook for Managers

Citing Benefits of No-Take Areas, Scientists Call for New Networks of Marine Reserves

MPA Perspective Genetics, Marine Dispersal Distances, and the Design of Marine Reserve Networks

Vol. 2, No. 7 (February 2001)


Case Study of a Spill Response: How Galapagos Managers Handled the Jessica Spill

US Launches Institute for MPA Training

Is Your MPA Effective?: New Report Offers Ways to Assess Management

MPA Perspective The Development and Establishment of Coral Reef Marine Protected Areas

Conference Calendar

Vol. 2, No. 6 (December 2000/January 2001)


In Galápagos, Clashes Between Fishers and Managers Jeopardize Conservation Efforts

US Creates World's Second Largest MPA

Multimedia "Toolkit" Makes Scientific Case for No-Take Reserves

Coelacanths Discovered In S. African MPA; Tourism to Follow?

Vol. 2, No. 5 (November 2000)


MPA Enforcement: Practitioners Employ Mix of High-Tech and Community-Based Strategies

US Establishes Center to Coordinate, Implement MPA Science

Science Panel Calls for More Reserves as Management Tools

US Marine Sanctuaries Law Reauthorized

MPA Update: Council Releases Final Report on MPAs in Victoria

Vol. 2, No. 4 (October 2000)


Communications and MPAs: How Practitioners Are Raising Awareness of MPA Issues

New Edition of IUCN "Orange Book" Reflects Changes, Challenges in MPA Field

Reader Feedback on the Re-Opening of Closed Areas

MPA Update: Race Rocks to Become Canada's First Official MPA

Vol. 2, No. 3 (September 2000)


Re-opening Closed Areas: A New Tool for Balancing Consumption, Conservation?

Case Study: Merging Traditional Conservation With Modern Techniques in Yemen

New Law in Mexico Could Lead to More No-Take Zones

Vol. 2, No. 2 (August 2000)


The "New" Economics of Marine Reserves: What MPA Practitioners Need to Know

New Approach for Measuring the Performance of MPAs

Courses Provide Training for Managers in Caribbean, Western Indian Ocean

Vol. 2, No. 1 (July 2000)


International MPA Plans Are Emerging Slowly, Amid Obstacles

News Update: Tortugas Planning Process to Wrap Up Public Comments

MPA Perspective Are Traditional Models Adequate for Evaluating Prospective MPAs?

Letter from the Editor

Vol. 1, No. 9 (June 2000)


President Clinton Calls for Representative Network of MPAs in US Waters

Representative Systems of Protected Areas: A Short Guide for Planners

Letters to the Editor

Vol. 1, No. 8 (May 2000)


Mapping and MPAs: Practitioners Work to Define Resources, Boundaries

Closing 20% of the Ocean: Pro-Reserve Target Is Finding Way into Policies

Conference Calendar

Vol. 1, No. 7 (April 2000)


No-Take Areas Created for Galápagos Islands After Long Negotiations

Australia to Protect Seamount System with Multi-Use Park

Three New Publications Guide Decision-Making for Planners, Managers

Vol. 1, No. 6 (March 2000)


Capacity-Building in MPAs: Practitioners Face Challenges, View Opportunities

Clinton Administration Seeks No-Take Status for 20% of US Coral Reefs

MPA Perspective Indo-Pacific Should Protect More Reef Fish Spawning Aggregation Sites
By Bob Johannes

Vol. 1, No. 5 (February 2000)


Bahamas to Create No-Take Reserve Network to Protect Fisheries, Fishermen

Council Calls for Several New No-Take Reserves in Australian State of Victoria

Reader Feedback on Nomenclature

Vol. 1, No. 4 (December 1999/January 2000)


How Should We Manage for the Effects of Natural Hazard Events on MPAs?

Hurricane Waves Level MPA Noted for Conservation Effectiveness

Project Aims to Network North American MPAs

MPA Nomenclature: The Thicket of Terms and Definitions Continues to Grow

Vol. 1, No. 3 (November 1999)


California Passes Law to Network Its MPAs, Create No-Take Reserves

More North American Efforts to Network MPAs

Special Focus on Consensus-Based Planning (A and B):
A. When Are Consensus Processes Appropriate for MPA Management?
B. Tips for Better Negotiations

Apo Island, Philippines: MPA Success Story in Midst of Management Reform

Vol. 1, No. 2 (October 1999)


The State of MPA Science: A Survey of Experts on What We Need to Know

International Workshop Gives Recommendations for MPA Planning Process

Manager Profile: Carol Bernthal

Vol. 1, No. 1 (Premiere issue)


Tortugas Working Group Gets Consensus on Reserve, Is Challenged by Anglers

"Learning by Doing," Canada Adds Pilot MPAs and Looks to Zone National Waters

Australia Continues MPA Push: Officials Announce Plan for World's Largest No-Take Zone

West Hawaii Council Approves Fish Management Areas

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