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Video Released:
Maternal PKU

Maternal PKU: Choices You Can Live With presents up to date information about maternal PKU and the importance of making well-informed decisions prior to pregnancy. Women with PKU discuss the choices they made about childbearing, while experts in genetics and nutrition provide information that should be considered by any woman with PKU.

VIEW NOW Click here to see the video over the Internet.
ORDER THE VIDEO The video is not available through the UW PKU Clinic. To order a copy of the video, please contact the Children's PKU Network, 3790 Via D La Valle, Suite 120, Del Mar, CA 92014 or email:


For best sound and visual quality order a CD or VHS tape from Children’s PKU Network

Maternal PKU: Choices You Can Live With was produced in 2004 by the PKU Action Group with the support of the University of Washington PKU/Biochemical Genetics Clinic, Richard Montague of Meadowlake Productions, and Irene Campbell of Terrabia Consulting LLC. Members of the University of Washington Adult PKU Clinic generously volunteered to share their experiences about this important subject. Other members of the PKU community in Washington State also generously gave their time and knowledge to complete this project.

The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation, Inc provided funding.

Download a copy of the brochure that accompanies the video.

Download additional material about maternal PKU.


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