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Male Reproductive Health Research (MRHR)
Career Development Program

Application packet:

Your application packet should include the following:

  1. Personal information & references (download form)
  2. Curriculum vitae*
  3. Research Proposal* (applicants are required to submit a 4-6 page research proposal, in NIH format, including specific aims, background, research design and methods and references describing the work they aim to accomplish during their period of support. This proposal should be drafted with the input of their proposed mentor)
  4. Plans/career goals* (one page explaining your interest in this program, your background and clinical research experience, and your long-term career plans)

    Use a Word document or .pdf file if submitting via email

Send via email attachment to:

or mail to:

    c/o Mark Bentz
    1959 NE Pacific St. C209
    Box 357138
    Seattle, WA 98195



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