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Elizabeth Aylward, PhD, Radiology Structural and functional MRI in developmental and neurodegenerative disorders
Geoff Boynton, PhD, Psychology fMRI vision and visual response
Kevin Conley, PhD, Radiology Relationship between muscle function and cellular metabolism
Stephen Dager, MD, Radiology Imaging of neuropsychiatric disorders; brain metabolic regulation and pharmacokinetics
Ione Fine, PhD, Psychology Psychology
Seth D. Friedman, PhD, Radiology Brain metabolic regulation in disease
Cecil E. Hayes, PhD, Radiology Radio frequency coils for magnetic resonance imaging
William Kerwin, PhD, Radiology Cardiovascular imaging
Natalia Kleinhans, PhD, RadiologyFunctional brain imaging, fMRI data analysis, autism
Martin J. Kushmerick, MD, PhD, Radiology Metabolism and energetics of muscle cells to give principles for systems integration
Donghoon Lee, PhD, Radiology Gradient coil and specialized RF coil design
Roderick Mahurin, PhD, Radiology Brain dysfunction, imaging and neural networks
Kenneth Maravilla, MD, Radiology Multiple sclerosis, functional imaging of arousal, MR contrast agents
David Marcinek, PhD, Radiology Muscle energetics and physiology
Kenneth Marro, PhD, Radiology Non-invasive MR measurements of skeletal muscle, perfusion
Satoshi Minoshima, MD, PhD, Radiology Biomolecular MR imaging, Alzheimer’s disease, PET
Scott Murray, PhD, Psychology fMRI vision/visual response
Bensheng Qiu,PhD, RadiologyMRI interventions, Molecular Imaging
Todd Richards, PhD, Radiology FMRI/EEG of brain disorders, MR spectroscopy, complementary and alternative medicine
Vasily Yarnykh, PhD, Radiology Specialized pulse sequence design, saturation transfer techniques
Chun Yuan, PhD, Radiology MRI of cardiovascular system, atherosclerotic plaque biology
Shanrong Zhang, PhD, Radiology Design of targeted contrast agents for MR molecular imaging


Yoshimi Anzai, MD, Radiology Head and neck imaging
Jill Gardner, PhD, Radiology Rheumatoid arthritis
Donna Cross, PhD, RadiologyBiomolecular imaging, axonal transport, alzheimer disease
David Haynor, MD, PhD, Radiology Image processing, segmentation, registration, radiology informatics
Jeffrey G. Jarvik, MD, MPH, Radiology Back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, blunt cerebral vascular injury
Constance Lehman, MD, PhD, Radiology Breast imaging
Jeffrey Maki, MD, PhD, Radiology Peripheral vascular imaging
Lee Mitsumori, MD, Radiology Imaging cardiovascular disease
Dennis Shaw, MD, Radiology Pediatric brain, imaging of neuropsychiatric disorders
Dean Shibata, MD, Radiology Functional imaging of the brain


Kristen Archbold, RN, PhD Biobehavioral Nursing and Health SystemsEffects of obstructive sleep apnea on cognition
Susan J. Astley, PhD, Epidemiology Fetal alcohol syndrome disorders
Virginia Berninger, PhD, Educational Psychology Nature-nurture interactions in learning to read and write
Paul Borghesani, MD, PhD Psychiatry and Behavioral SciencesFunctional imaging of cognitive changes in aging and early dementia
Soo Borson, MD, Psychiatry and Behavioral SciencesEffects of aging on the brain
James Bowen, MD, Neurology Multiple sclerosis
James Brinkley, MD, PhD, Biological Structure Biomedical informatics
Michael Chang, MD, PhD, Rehabilitation Medicine Paraplegic physiology
Monique Cherrier, PhD Psychiatry and Behavioral SciencesHormone and cognition interactions, neuropsychology of aging, dementias
Paul Connor, PhD Psychiatry and Behavioral SciencesPsychological and neuroimaging assessment of the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure
Geraldine Dawson, PhD, Psychology Autism
Steven M. Demorest, PhD, Music Education FMRI research on cross-cultural music comprehension
Sureyya Dikmen, PhD, Rehabilitation Medicine Traumatic brain injury
Thomas S. Hatsukami, MD, Surgery Characteristics of high-risk atherosclerotic plaques
Julia Heiman, PhD, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Reproductive and sexual medicine
Hunter Hoffman, PhD, Psychology Using virtual reality to reduce fear and pain
Lars Hollender, DDS, PhD. Oral Medicine Imaging in oral medicine
Clark Johnson, PhD. Psychosocial and Community Health Nursing informatics, FMRI data analysis techniques
Sandra Juul, Pediatrics Diagnostic evaluation and treatment of hypoxic/ischemic brain injury in neonates
Patricia Kuhl, PhD, Speech and Hearing Sciences Seech and cognitive sciences
Carol A.Landis, RN, DNSc, Behavioral Nursing and Health Systems Effects of obstructive sleep apnea on cognition
Christina Marra, MD, Neurology/Medicine Infections of the nervous system
Steven J.Morrison,PhD, Music Education Music Cognition
Wieslaw L.Nowinski, DSc, PhD, Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore Constrction of brain atlases, neuroingormatics, virtual relity in brain intervention
George Ojemann, MD, Neurological Surgery Neurobiology of human cognition, cortical organization of language and memory
Jeffrey Ojemann, MD, Neurological Surgery FMRI evaluation of changes with epilepsy surgery, presurgical evaluation of seizures
Lee Osterhout, PhD, Psychology Cognitive neuroscience of language
Elaine Peskind, MD, Psychiatry and behavioral Sciences Hormones in aging and Alzheimer's desease(AD), treatment for AD impairments
Andrew Poliakov, PhD, Biological Structure Three-dimensional visualization and coregistration of MR images
Ceon Ramon, PhD, Electrical Engineering Electrical and magnetic source localization
Margaret A.Rogers, PhD, Speech and Hearing Sciences Neural corelates of spoken language productions, language/speech plasticity
G Christopher Stecker, Speech and Hearing Sciences Speech and Hearing Sciences
Edmond Truelove, DDS,MSD, Oral Medicine Temporomandibular joint disorder
Jashvant Unadkat, PhD, Pharmaceutics Disposition of drugs in AIDS and associated infections
Gregory J. Wilson, PhD, Philips Medical Systems MR Clinical of engineering
Claire Yang, MD, Urology Male and female bladder, sexual function
Xiaoming Yang, PhD, RadiologyImage guided biomolecular intervention, Cardiovascular intervention
Xue-Qiao Zhao, MD, Cardiology Vascular disease


Baocheng Chu, Radiology Cardiovascular imaging
Marina Ferguson Pathology and cardiovascular imaging correlations
Katherine Field Functional MRI data analysis
Qingyan Guan Database/Web design, MRI data analysis
Sharon Jubrias, PhD Muscle energetics
Oliva Liang FMRI data analysis
Mark Mathis RF coil development
Jenee O'Brien MR imaging
Neva Oskin, PhD Electrophysiological data analysis, EEG and fMRI coregistration
Helen Petropoulos MR spectroscopy techniques
Eric Shankland, PhD High-field MR spectroscopy and imaging technique development
KC Stegbauer MR computer systems
Jeff Stevenson MR imaging and spectroscopy, molecular imaging, diffusion tensor imaging
Rudolph Stuppard Muscle metabolism/systems biology
Tim Wilbur RF coil development


Larissa I Stanberry, Statistics statistics
Kurt E Weaver, Radiology Functional brain imaging

::Administrative Support Staff

Julia Feyk, Program Coordinator . Jody Khan-Hauge, Grants and Contracts Manager . Daryl Monear, Program Operations Coordinator . Anna Poole Administrative Coordinator . Sally Abdo, Research study Coordinator

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