Alex JenMessage from the Chair

Welcome. I'd like to let you know a little bit about our small but dynamic team. Even though we are housed on a large campus in a big city, we are an agile, interdisciplinary, broad-based unit with exciting research and education in all aspects of materials science and engineering.

Our faculty and students are involved in cutting-edge research using state-of-the-art facilities. We offer undergraduates and doctorate degrees in materials science and engineering. Educational and research opportunities are available in processing, characterization, and properties of all classes of materials.

Our alumni work in academic settings, national labs, and industry. Industrial employment is comprised of a very broad spectrum of industries including aerospace, automotive, biomedical, chemical, electronics, energy, materials processing, sporting goods, and telecommunications.

The Backbone of Technological Revolutions

Many prospective students are not aware of the excellent career opportunities available in this field. The development of new materials and processes has been the backbone of several technological revolutions in history and will continue to be of vital importance to our increasingly technology-based society.

Our field is relatively uncrowded. Most of our department's undergraduate classes have fewer than 35 students. As a result, the department is able to offer a curriculum with heavy emphasis on hands-on experience in research and design projects, and students receive considerable individual attention. The students in the department are very active in professional societies both at the national and local levels.

A Diverse Education for a Broad Range of Careers

Students graduating from the department have an opportunity to take a broad spectrum of elective courses in the areas of their interest. The department offers elective courses on polymers, electronic materials, structural materials, composites and nanotechnology. As a result of this diverse education, our students find employment in a broad range of companies and organizations. Examples of these include large scale manufacturing (Boeing), electronics industries (Intel), materials processing (ALCOA), a diverse group of small companies (Interpoint, ATL, K2), industrial and national research labs (Sandia, Argonne, Los Alamos), and other academic institutions. In addition, graduates of the department are well prepared to pursue graduate degrees.

The department offers an outstanding educational experience that will prepare you for a challenging and rewarding career. If you would like to learn more about MSE's educational programs or schedule a visit, contact our Academic Advisors.



Prof. Alex K-Y. Jen, Chair


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