Adjunct and Affiliate Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

 Name & PositionResearch Areas
Scott Dunham photo

Scott Dunham

Adjunct Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Professor of Electrical Engineering

Modeling of integrated circuit fabrication processes, computational materials, modeling of semiconductor device behavior, modeling of fabrication and operation of microstructures.
Vipin Kumar photo

Vipin Kumar

Adjunct Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Design and manufacturing, including product and process design, and characterization and processing of polymeric composites. Research focuses on microcellular composites.

Ramulu Mamidala

Adjunct Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanics of materials, fracture mechanics, fatigue, and advanced manufacturing processes. Focus on the fields of solid and fracture mechanics.

Jiangyu Li

Adjunct Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Physical behaviors of materials; Structure-property relationship of multifunctional materials; Electroactive polymers; Ferroelectrics; Ferromagnetism

Ariel Raigrodski, DMD

Adjunct Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Professor of Restorative Dentistry

Research focuses on esthetic and implant restorative dentistry. He is involved in basic and clinical research on all ceramic systems, implants, and CAD/CAM technology.
Buddy Ratner photo

Buddy Ratner

Adjunct Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Professor of Bioengineering
Professor of Chemical Engineering

The technological applications of biology at surfaces (biomaterials, biocompatibility, polymers, surface engineering, self-assembly, molecular recognition).
Daniel Schwartz photo

Daniel Schwartz

Adjunct Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Professor of Chemical Engineering

Electrochemical Engineering, Microsystem Engineering, Advanced Materials Synthesis.
Minoru Taya photo

Minoru Taya

Adjunct Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Thermal, physical, and mechanical properties of composite materials, percolation theory, dislocation theory, and electronic composites.

Affiliate Faculty

 Name & PositionResearch Areas

Nigel D. Browning

Affiliate Professor, UW MSE

Chemical Imaging Initiative Lead and Laboratory Fellow
Physical Sciences Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, Washington

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The structure-property relationships at atomic scale defects and internal interfaces. • Atomic resolution and sensitivity imaging and analytical techniques in (scanning) transmission electron microscopy (S/TEM). • In-situ, Dynamic and Ultrafast methods for TEM, diffraction and spectroscopy. • Energy Storage Materials and Devices

John W. Cahn

Affiliate Professor, UW MSE

Affiliate Professor, UW Physics

Senior Fellow Emeritus, National Institute of Standards & Technology

Room B-409, Physics Bldg

Theoretical materials science.

Scott A. Chambers

Affiliate Professor, UW MSE

Laboratory Fellow, Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, Washington

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Epitaxial growth and properties of transition metals oxides, and oxide surface and interface geometric and electronic structure.

Toyohiro Chikyow

Affiliate Professor

Managing Director, NanoMaterials Laboratory, Nanomaterials Assembly Group, National Inst. for Materials Science (Tsukuba, Japan)

Quantum dot structure on the GaSe Surface.

K. Bhagwan Das

Affiliate Professor

Retired, The Boeing Company (Seattle, Washington)

Rapid solidification rate alloys, metal matrix composites, hydrogen embrittlement, stress–corrosion cracking.

James De Yoreo

Affiliate Professor

Chief Scientist, Materials Synthesis & Simulation Across Scales
Pacific Northwest National Lab
Richland, Washington

Macromolecular self-assembly, biomineralization, biomimetic materials synthesis, and in situ TEM and AFM.

Fatih Dogan

Affiliate Professor

Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology (Rolla, Missouri)

Multifunctional electronic ceramics and composites; nanoscale science and engineering; solidification and crystal growth. High temperature superconducting materials, dielectrics, piezoelectrics, thermophotovoltaic emitters, mixed ionic electronic conductors, solid oxide fuel cells.

Charles H. Henager

Affiliate Professor

Design and Manufacturing Engineering, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland, Washington)

Mechanical properties of ceramic composites, mechanical properties and deformation modelling of superplastic alloys, in–situ composite synthesis and ceramic joining.

Kanryu Inoue

Affiliate Professor

Former MSE Research Professor at UW and Consultant (Bellevue, Washington)

Design and fabrication of 'smart' materials; Device Design of smart materials; Development of superelastic materials; Design and fabrication of nanograined bulk metallic materials; Development and device fabrication of solid-state refrigeration materials; Development of biomedical titanium-based alloys; Development of materials processing techniques spark plasma sintering techniques.

Yasuhiro Koike

Affiliate Professor

Professor, Science and Technology
Keio University
Director, JST Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology, Solution Oriented Research for Science and Technology (ERATO-SORST) Project

Prof. Koike is a leading expert in the field of photonic polymers. His research includes polymer material photonics, high-speed and graded indes polymer optical fiber, light scattering, optical amplifiers, fiber lasers, and the development of optical device fabrication methods and applications using birefringence free polymers.

Malcom Snead

Affiliate Professor

Professor, University of Southern California
School of Dentistry and
Department of Molecular Biology

Prof. Snead's research covers a wide range of areas within the field of dental science and practice. He is an expert on the pathology of craniofacial biology and is the original discoverer of one of the major proteins, amelogenin, that directs biomineralization and controlled hierarchical structure formation in mammalian enamel. As a molecular biologist and geneticist his work has had a large impact in dental tissue formation, regeneration and restoration.

Candan Tamerler

Affiliate Associate Professor

Wesley G. Cramer Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Kansas, Lawrence

Dr. Tamerler’s research interests are in molecular biomimetics, bio-nanotechnology, and bio-enabled materials science.