Dwayne D. Arola

  • Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering

  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Oral Health Sciences

Adjunct Associate Professor, Restorative Dentistry

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Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 1996
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

“The influence of net shape machining on the surface integrity of metals and fiber reinforced plastics”
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1991
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington


“Surface and Subsurface Topography of an Abrasive Waterjet Machined Graphite/Epoxy

B.S., Mechanical Engineering. 1989
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington


Research Interest

My research program is focused on solving problems that involve materials, their mechanical behavior, and factors (either environmental or manufacturing) that influence their performance and durability. Our current studies are focused on understanding the properties of hard biological tissues, the engineered materials that replace them, and the interfaces between hard tissues and biomaterials. Much of the effort is aimed at evaluating the fatigue and fracture behavior of these materials, as well as finding ways to examine and quantify changes in their behavior with aging.  Our methods extend from the nano- to the macro-scale.  Some of our recent efforts have involved topics that are relevant to the fields of orthopedics and restorative dentistry.  Though we address fundamental questions, the ultimate goal is to contribute to the pursuit and maintenance of lifelong health.


In addition to our efforts on materials and their mechanical behavior, I’m also interested in the development of new manufacturing processes that can be applied to biological materials and/or biomaterials.  We have current studies underway that are aimed at the development of particle-based surface treatments for implants, new methods of treatment to achieve targeted remineralization of enamel and the introduction of surface residual stresses in bone.


Professional Recognition and Honors

Li Qiang Distinguished Scholar of Shanghai University, 2008, Shanghai University
UMBC Distinguished Research Fellow, 2008, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Li Qiang Distinguished Scholar of Shanghai University, 2007, Shanghai University
CAREER Award, 2003, National Science Foundation
ASME Honorary Speaker, 2002, ASME Maryland Chapter
Biomedical Engineering Research Grant, 2000, Whitaker Foundation


Selected Publications

Yahyazadehfar M, Bajaj D, and Arola D. Hidden contributions of the enamel prisms to the fracture resistance of human teeth. Acta Biomaterialia 2013; 9(1): 4806-14.


Ivancik J and Arola D. The Importance of microstructural variations on the fracture toughness of human dentin. Biomaterials 2013; 34(4): 864-74.


Majd H, Viray J, Porter JD, Romberg E, Arola D. Degradation in the fatigue resistance of dentin by burr and air jet preparations. Journal of Dental Research 2012; 91(9):894-899.


Garrano AMC, La Rosa G, Zhang D, Tay FR, Niu L, Majd J and Arola D. On the mechanical behavior of scales from Cyprinus Carpio. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 2012; 7: 17-29.


Childs THC and Arola D. Machining of cortical bone: Simulations of chip formation mechanics using metal machining models. Machining Science and Technology, 2011; 15: 206–230.


Zhao R, Burguera EF, Xu HHK, Amin N, Ryou H and Arola DD. Fatigue and human umbilical cord stem cell seeding characteristics of calcium phosphate – chitosan – biodegradable polyester fibre scaffolds. Biomaterials 2010;31(5):840-847.


Bajaj D. and Arola D. On the R-Curve Behavior of Human Tooth Enamel. Biomaterials 2009; 30(23-24);4037-4046.


Nazari A, Bajaj D, Zhang D, Romberg E and Arola D. On the reduction in fracture toughness of human dentin with age.Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 2009; 2(5):550-559.


Sadasivam B, Hizal A and Arola D. Abrasive waterjet peening with elastic prestress: A parametric evaluation. International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacturing 2009; 49(2):134-141.


Soappman M, Nazari A, Porter JA and Arola D. A comparison of fatigue crack growth in resin composite, dentin and the interface. Dental Materials 2007; 23(5):608-614.


Zhang D and Arola D. Application of digital image correlation to biological tissues. Joumal of Biomedical Optics 2004; 9(4):691-699.


Arola D and Williams CL. Estimating the fatigue stress concentration factor of machined surfaces. International Journal of Fatigue 2002; 24(9):923-930.


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