Guozhong Cao

Guozhong Cao

  • Boeing-Steiner Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
  • Professor of Chemical Engineering
  • Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering


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Ph.D., Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 1991

Research Interest

Current research is focused mainly on processing, characterization, and applications of dielectrics, ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics, scintillation oxides, intercalation compounds, organic-inorganic hybrids, and nanostructured materials and coatings. Processing techniques include sol-gel processing, hydrothermal growth, electrochemical and electrophoretic deposition, and self-assembly. The research emphasis is to achieve novel properties for various applications through control of micro and nanostructure, and atomic engineering of materials through processing and composition design. In general, our research can be grouped into the following directions:

  • Dye-sensitized and organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells.
  • Nanostructured electrodes for Li ion batteries.
  • Carbon cryogel supercapacitors.
  • Coherent carbon cryogel, hydride, and catalytic oxide nanocomposites for H2 storage.
  • Template-based growth of nanorod, nanotube, and nanocable arrays.
  • Dielectrics, ferroelectrics, and piezoelectrics and devices.
  • Organic-inorganic hybrids and coatings for sensing, filtration, corrosion protection, and surface modification.

Recent Publications

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  • T.P. Chou, Q.F. Zhang, G.E. Fryxell, B. Russo, and G.Z. Cao, “Dependence of Dye Adsorption and Energy Conversion Efficiency on Titania Particle Morphology and Size,” Journal of Physical Chemistry C111, 6296-6302 (2007).
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  • J. Liu, G.Z. Cao, Z.G. Yang, D. Dubois, X.D. Zhou, D.H. Wang, Q.F. Zhang, and G.L. Graff, “Oriented Nanostructures and Nanoenergy,” ChemSusChem 1, 676-697 (2008).

Professional Recognition and Honors

University Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Washington, 2000

Member of UW Teaching Academy, 2000 – present

College Outstanding Educator Award, College of Engineering, UW, 1999

Department Faculty of the Year Awards, MSE, UW, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000

European Union Research Fellowship, the Netherlands, 1993

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