Marco Rolandi

Marco Rolandi

  • Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
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Ph.D., Department of Applied Physics, Stanford University, 2005

MSci., Department of Physics, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London (now Queen Mary University of London), 2000


Honors and Awards

National Science Foundation CAREER award 2012.
TR35-GI Selected among the top twelve Italian innovators under 35 by the MIT Technology Review (Italy) 2012.
3M Non-tenured Faculty Award 2010.
Materials Science and Engineering Faculty of the Year (Juniors) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013.
Faculty Innovator Award (Junior) College of Engineering.

Research Interests

My research focuses on micro- and nano- biological and bioinspired materials, their integration in biocompatible devices, and their translational applications. I am also interested in visual communication in science and engineering and my essay on how to prepare scientific figures was the most downloaded article in Advanced Materials during the fall of 2011 (> 10,000 downloads).


Selected Publications

  • C. Zhong, Y. Deng, A. Fadavi, M.P. Anantram, M. Rolandi, polysaccharide bioprotonic field effect transistor, Nature Comm. 2, 476. (2012)
  • Selected press coverage: IEEE Spectrum, The New York Times, The New Scientist (highlighted on the cover “Positive Switch for Body Electronics”), MRS Materials360, Popular Science, SlashDot, Discovery News, Science Daily, and UW Daily (front page).
  • Y. Deng, E. Josberger, J. Jin, B. A. Helms, A. F. Rousdari, M.P. Anantram, C. Zhong, M. Rolandi,* H+-type and OH--type biological protonic semiconductors and complementary devices, Scientific Reports (Nature), 3, 2481 (2013).
  • J. Jin, P. Hassanzadeh, G. Perotto, W. Sun, M. A. Brackle, D. Kaplan, F. Omenetto,* M. Rolandi,* A biomimetic composite from solution self-assembly of chitin nanofibers in a silk fibroin matrix, Adv. Mater.25, 4482 (2013). Selected as Cover Article (Back) 32/2013.
  • Zhong, A. Kapetanovic, Y. Deng, M. Rolandi, A chitin nanofiber ink for airbrushing, replica molding, and microcontact printing of self-assembled macro-, micro-, and nanostructures, Adv. Mater. 23, 4720 (2011). Featured on the Cover (Inside) 41/2011


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