The department will raise $200,000 in private giving to upgrade the 20-year-old undergraduate learning labs in Mueller Hall. To date, we’ve raised $104,000 so we are more than half way there! Once the goal is met, these funds will be matched with $50,000 from the UW’s College of Engineering to leverage everyone’s donations by 25 percent. Follow this link for more info.

The world is in the middle of a materials revolution. Materials science and engineering has transformed every aspect of modern living. Advances in engineered materials are crucial to the continued vitality of countless industries. Our department is at the heart of this revolution.




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The Bachelor of Science program in Materials Science and Engineering is accredited  by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET


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PhD Program Application Deadline – December 15

MS Program Application Deadline - January 15

BS Program Application Deadline – July 1

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Spring Quarter 2014 Seminar

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Rolandi Group: Mechanical Properties of Self-assembled Chitin Nanofiber Networks
Rolandi's group paper "Mechanical properties of self-assembled chitin nanofiber networks" is featured on the inside front cover of the Emerging Investigators Issue in the Journal of Materials Chemistry B.

Scientists Build Thinnest LEDs
Prof. Xiaodong Xu and grad student Jason Ross have built the thinnest-known LED that can be used as a source of light energy in electronics.

Gov. Jay Inslee Visits Clean Energy Institute - KIRO-TV Video
MSE involved with new UW institute to develop efficient, cost-effective solar power and better energy storage systems.

New Clean Energy Institute will focus on solar, battery technologies
MSE involved with new UW institute to develop efficient, cost-effective solar power and better energy storage systems.

Luscombe Group: Work on π-Conjugated molecules gets Cover of Macromolecules
Prof. Christine Luscombe and her group have made the cover of Macromolecules, Oct. 23, 2013.

Chitin Nanofiber Micropatterned Flexible Substrates for Tissue Engineering
Prof. Marco Rolandi and his group have provided the cover article for the Sept. 14, 2013 issue of Journal of Materials Chemistry B.

Rolandi Group: A Biomimetic Composite from Solution Self-Assembly of Chitin Nanofibers in a Silk Fibroin Matrix
The latest research by Prof. Marco Rolandi and his group in collaboration with Fiorenzo Omenetto at Tufts is featured on the cover (back) of Advanced Materials Aug 27th issue.

Microneedle patch could replace Needle for TB Tests
A team led by Marco Rolandi has created a patch with tiny, biodegradable needles that can penetrate the skin and precisely deliver a tuberculosis test.


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