GEMSEC Research Featured in Media

The research of Professor Mehmet Sarikaya and his colleagues has been featured in recent scientific and popular media outlets including journals, radio, and newspapers. Sarikaya, the director of National Science Foundation-funded GEMSEC (Genetically Engineered Materials Science and Engineering Center) and his colleagues are creating a new field at the confluence of materials science, computation and biology. In the fledging polydisciplinary field of Molecular Biomimetics, 12 professors and 25 students and postdoctoral scientists are genetically engineering peptides and using them as molecular building blocks for nano-inorganic synthesizers, molecular erectors and self assemblers and implementing them in nanotechnology and nanomedicine.  

Sept. 2009, Aktuel – A Turkish bi-weekly NewsMagazine;

June 2009, ACS NanoInterview - Sarikaya was interviewed, along with Zhenan Bao of Stanford University, on Molecular Recognition for ACS-Nano journal.  Listen to audio file at;   

KBCS Radio Interview - Sarikaya and his group were interviewed, on Molecular Biomimetics by One World Report; Nov. 2009) FM 91.3

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