Natalie Larson Wins 2013 Dean's Medal


Dean's Medal for Academic Excellence

Each year, the UW Engineering dean recognizes two exceptional students for academic excellence. Students must meet specific eligibility requirements and are selected from among those nominated by department chairs and reviewed by a selection committee. Selection criteria include grades, rigor and distribution of courses, research experience, extracurricular activities, and leadership.


Natalie Larson started her undergraduate career conducting research in the Lamborghini Lab the summer before her freshman year. During this research experience, she learned that she really enjoyed breaking things and wanted to pursue a career researching structural materials from the Materials Science and Engineering standpoint.


At the end of her freshman year, she joined the Flinn group in MSE where she conducted research on interpenetrating polymer networks and fluorescent probes. She recently presented her research at SAMPE (Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering) Tech, JEC, SAMPE, and ISNDCM. Her research and travel were funded by a Washington Research Foundation Fellowship and a travel award from the UW Office of Research, the Mary Gates Endowment, the Levinson Emerging Scholars Program, the WRF, and the UW URP.


Natalie is also a Washington Scholars Scholar, a NASA Space Grant Scholar, a National SAMPE Student Leader Experience Award Recipient, and a CRC Freshman Achievement Award Recipient. She will graduate with departmental and college honors.


Outside of her classes, Natalie is a part of the UW SAMPE Chapter. Every year, SAMPE competes in a student bridge contest at the SAMPE Conference. As VP her junior year and president her senior year, she helped give undergraduates hands-on experience with the design and manufacturing of composite materials.


Natalie will begin her PhD in the fall at UCSB with support from an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, a Chancellor's Fellowship, and an Institute for Energy Efficiency Fellowship.


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