Christine Luscombe Named Faculty Innovator

Prof. Christine Luscombe was honored with the 2010 Community of Innovator Award for Faculty Innovator: Junior Faculty at the June 2010 College of Engineering awards ceremony. While presenting the award, Engineering Dean Matt O'Donnell made these remarks:

"Christine Luscombe, assistant professor in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, is "recognized internationally as a leader in the areas of polymer design and synthesis for organic photovoltaic and organic thin film transistors." In her work, she is developing materials for use in organic photovoltaic (OPV) and organic-inorganic hybrid devices that hold significant advantages over current inorganic-based technology. The ease of fabrication and potential use in a wide variety of applications make OPVs an attractive target for next-generation solar-energy technology.

"While Professor Luscombe's lab works on developing these new materials, they also emphasize new methods to create these materials. Additionally, Christine has been "successful in creating a classroom environment where students are encouraged to think deeply about the subject matter presented and she is consistently innovating new approaches in her teaching to explore the best ways to communicate ideas to students. Professor Luscombe possesses all the traits one would expect of an excellent assistant professor- she is bright, creative, hard-working, highly motivated, well-organized, personable, and articulate. Christine is also seen as "a complete educator- she is an internationally recognized scientific leader, has developed a well-funded and highly productive research group, is focused on student learning, and has made significant contributions to enhancing the reputation and image of the department."

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