Yadong Yin Named #2 Top Materials Scientist by Thomson Reuters

On March 2, 2011, Thomson Reuters released data identifying the world’s top 100 materials scientists based on the citation impact scores for their papers (articles and reviews) published since January 2000. MSE alum Yadong Yin was number two on the list. Prof. Yin is an Assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, Riverside.

The Thomson Reuters list represents data on high impact researchers in materials science, a realm that overlaps with chemistry as well as with physics, engineering, and other areas. Once again, this field was defined by a set of discipline-specific journals and papers dealing with materials science from multidisciplinary titles. 

Citation Impact is a weighted measure of influence that seeks to reveal consistently superior performance. To ensure that a high score could not be achieved by a few highly cited papers, a threshold of 25 papers was used in the analysis.  

The average citation impact in materials science for the period was 6.93.  The 100th person listed in the top 100 researchers achieved an impact of 42.14, more than six times the average.  In comparison, Prof. Yin’s #2 citation impact was 199.59. 

Since approximately a half million materials scientists were recorded in the journal publications indexed by Thomson Reuters during the last decade, these 100 represent the top fiftieth of one percent.  Dr. Yin also ranked #50 on the Chemistry list.

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