High Ranking for UW Materials Research

June 2011

According to Thomson Reuters Global Research Report: Materials Science & Technology, published in June 2011, UW's materials research in the past 10 years has received an extremely high rating.  It has been ranked #17 in the world (#5 in the U.S.) in total citations.  It has also been ranked #1 in the world in total impact of citations, which means our published papers are very high quality and have received the most citations per paper.

In their first Global Research Report to have a topical focus rather than a geographical one, Thomson Reuters reviews materials science and technology, a core area of research of profound interest in most economies because of its potential contribution to manufacturing processes and innovative products.  They note that while fundamental discoveries in physics dominated the first half of the 20th century, and discoveries in molecular biology, such as the structure of DNA, dominated the second half, the 21st century may well bring forth a new era of revolutionary discoveries in materials research that result in far-reaching changes for society and how we live.

MSE Chair Alex Jen noted that although the materials research efforts at UW include the broadly defined condensed material chemistry & physics, biomaterials, nanomaterials, biomimetics, functional & structural materials, it is indisputable that MSE plays a critical role as the core materials research group contributing to this high honor.   This testifies to the hard work of every faculty member and student in enhancing both the quantity and quality of our research in the past 10 years.  This also reflects our vision in choosing the right areas and directions for our research focus.  Our future is very bright especially with increased federal funding and the new additions of both the Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute and the Advanced Materials for Energy Institute to focus on very promising bio- and energy-related areas.  These two institutes will also strongly promote education and technology transfer.  Hopefully, we can maintain the momentum and try to uplift our reputation even more.  Thank you very much for your efforts in bringing in the high recognition.

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