Kannan Krishnan

2012 IEEE Donald G. Fink Prize Paper Award

Professor Krishnan2012 IEEE Donald G. Fink Prize Paper Award.


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Professor Kannan M. Krishnan receives the 2012 IEEE Donald G. Fink Prize Paper Award for his article “Biomedical Nanomagnetics: A Spin Through Possibilities in Imaging, Diagnostics and Therapy”, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 46, No. 7, July 2010, pp. 2523-2558".


The IEEE Donald G. Fink Prize Paper Award is named in honor of Donald G. Fink, distinguished editor and author, who was a Past President of the IRE, and the first General Manager and Executive Director of the IEEE. The prize is given for the most outstanding survey, review, or tutorial paper published in all the IEEE Transactions, Journals, Magazines, or in the Proceedings of the IEEE between 1 January and 31 December of the preceding year.


Professor Krishnan works at the Bio-Nano-Medical and Magneto-Electronic interfaces. He prepares and studies structural, magnetic, optical and transport properties of colloidal inorganic nanostructures, hybrid materials, thin films and lithographically patterned heterostructures. He investigates fundamental physical and chemical properties of these materials as a function of size, dimensionality and organization, and for the work on biomedical nanomagnetics, in vitro and in vivo studies of cytotoxicity, cell-culture and animal models with translational applications in angiography, neuroscience and renal ischemia. All his work is vertically integrated from the underlying science to their biomedical (diagnostics, imaging and therapy), energy (photovoltaics, energy conversion) and engineering (information storage, processing and logic) applications.


Professor Krishnan was educated at IIT, Kanpur (B. Tech, Mechanical Engineering, 1978), SUNY, Stony Brook (MS, Materials Science, 1980) and UC, Berkeley (Ph.D., Materials Science, 1984). After graduation, he held various scientific and teaching positions at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC, Berkeley, before joining the University of Washington, in 2001, as the Campbell Chair Professor of Materials Science and Adjunct Professor of Physics. His visiting appointments include the Hitachi Central Research Laboratory (Japan), Tohoku University, Danish Technical University, University of Sao Paolo, University of Western Australia, University of Alexandria (Egypt), and the Indian Institute of Science.


Professor Krishnan is highly recognized for research, teaching, mentoring and entrepreneurship. He has received the Fulbright Specialist Award (2010), IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer Award (2009), Guggenheim Fellowship (2004), the Rockefeller Bellagio Fellowship (2008), the Burton Medal (Microscopy Society of America, 1992), JSPS Senior Scientist Fellowship (2002), the Exceptional Teaching award (1996) from the UCB-MRS student association, the College of Engineering Outstanding Educator Award (UW, 2004) and an appointment as the Professor-at-large (University of Western Australia, 2006-8). He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Physical Society and the Institute of Physics (London). He has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Materials Science, Acta Materialia, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, IEEE Magnetics Letters and Medical Physics. He is also an elected member of the IEEE Magnetics Society Administrative Committee (2011-3). In 2010, he founded a company, LodeSpin Labs, to develop tailored magnetic tracers for a wide range of biomedical applications.


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