Annalise is a second-year undergraduate student studying Environmental Engineering. She grew up in Washington and loves the snow and mountains. Since starting college during the pandemic, Annalise built out a school bus to live in for her remote freshman year. She enjoyed figuring out how to wire solar electricity through YouTube and designing and building the interior with the help of friends. In the winter she worked at Snoqualmie Pass teaching snowboarding and explored other mountains in her free time. She never ever attended zoom class on a chairlift. Over the summer, Annalise worked on the inaugural Lost Trails Found trail crew with Washington Trails Association where she spent time doing logout and trail maintenance in the North Cascades. Her passion for snow, mountains, and the environment led her to be interested in Mountain Hydrology research. She is excited to learn more about snow modelling and expand her coding skills. In her free time, you can find Annalise climbing, snowboarding, surfing, backpacking, playing ice hockey, and baking Christmas cookies.