Danny grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent many summers and winters exploring the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the California coast. He received a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Princeton University in 2019 where he also captained the men's lightweight rowing team. He is interested in studying the role snow sublimation (transition from ice -> water vapor) plays in the mass and energy balance within a high mountain watershed in Colorado. He joined the Sublimation of Snow campaign project in January 2022 and will spent the 2022-2023 winter doing fieldwork at our site in Gothic, Colorado. After graduating, he spent two years working in the Bay Area as an environmental consultant field engineer. He performed numerous site investigations throughout California, primarily sampling groundwater, soil, and soil vapor. However, his passions for meteorology, hydrology (and mountains) lead him to joining the Mountain Hydrology Research Group. In his free time, Danny can be found training for his next triathlon, cooking a recipe, backpacking or skiing in the PNW, or romping around with his dog, Denali.