Transforming Museums is an interdisciplinary, academic conference hosted by students of the University of Washington's Museology Graduate Program.
Our mission is to foster transformation in museums.

Changing Thought

Museology is a field in transition. The past 25 years has evidenced a growing professionalization of the field, and the next 25 must see its solidification as an interdisciplinary, applied academic field. Growth and innovation can only occur when a tradition of scholarship, academic dialog, and informed practice is fostered in new museologists.

Changing Practice

Museums are institutions steeped in tradition but surrounded by constant change. Transforming Museums seeks ways that professionals can meet these changes deliberately and thoughtfully instead of being swept along their currents.

Building Bridges

Throughout the field, museums are transformed as professionals cross bridges between their institutions and education, technology, media, communities, academic disciplines—the possibilities are endless. We seek connections that will inform practice and shape the future of museums.