Curriculum Overview

Welcome to the My Place in Puget Sound project! Thank you for your interest!

The MyPlace in Puget Sound curriculum was started at the University of Washington in 2009.  It is a collaboration between the SoundCitizen citizen-science team, the Institute for Science and Math Education, COSEE-OLC and the OACIS GK-12 Program. Our goal is to create a curriculum that infuses contemporary research about our marine environment into a place-based, culturally relevant curriculum for middle school and high school students.


1. This curriculum is meant to be used in sequence, as a whole unit, rather than piece by piece. While we realize that sometimes you need an “activity” to do, the lessons in this unit have been designed to build on one another to scaffold students’ learning about the chemistry of Puget Sound, attend to shifts in students’ attitudes and feeling of empowerment, and to scaffold students’ understanding of the connection between their actions and the health of Puget Sound.

2. This curriculum is under continual revision, so check back under “curriculum resources” often for the most current versions of lesson plans and materials!

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