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Access UW email

What services are available?

Important messages from the University are sent to your UW email address: or (where UWNetID is your actual UW NetID). You can keep your UW email address after you graduate or no longer attend UW.

UW provides two cloud-based email services:

Other UW email systems:

  • UW Exchange Email via OWA This system is fee-based and is set up on a departmental basis. If you are a student employee, your departmental employer may make it possible for you to access email on the UW Exchange server.
  • The UW Deskmail via Web Alpine As of June 30, 2011, this email system will no longer be available. Students using this system must move their accounts to UW Outlook Live or UW Google Apps Email.

Where do I find them?

Links to these email services appear on MyFrontPage in the Email box. If you don’t see the Email box, click Add Content to add it.