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Export my class schedule

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If you are registered for classes and/or teaching a class, you can export your class schedule to your calendar. Student schedules appear in the Class Schedule box of MyFrontPage. Teaching schedules appear in the My Class Resources box on the Teaching page. You should see the following below your schedules:

Image of the calendar icon in Class Schedule

A screenshot of the add calendar icon in Class Schedule

Image of the add calendar icon in My Class Resources

A screenshot of the add calendar icon in My Class Resources

To export your schedule:

  1. Click the calendar icon Add to my UW Calendar to add the schedule. If you were successful, the message “Your [student or teaching] schedule has been added to your MyUW Calendar” appears.
  2. Click Export as XML, Text, or iCalendar.
  3. Select iCalendar format if you are going to import into another calendar and the Retrieve Data button. Save the calendar.ics file
  4. Now you can import the calendar file into your calendar. If you use Google you may open the Add menu and select Import calendar


  • If more than one meeting time for a class is listed in your schedule, each meeting is added to your calendar as a separate entry.
  • If your schedule changes, repeat the above steps to delete your old schedule and put in your new one.
  • Adding your Student Schedule won’t affect your Teaching Schedule, and vice versa.