Administrative Structure

Although the Center’s research is extensive, without coordination the effort would not be a Center but rather only a collection of individual projects. To develop a Center in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, we created a structure to facilitate communication and collaboration among projects and result in a Center in which investigators are aware of the research being conducted by others and share a commitment to work together toward a common goal.

In addition to the regular meetings of the informal clusters, we hold monthly meetings of all Center investigators. The content of these meetings include current and future projects. Each monthly meeting allows presentations from the working groups to share an overview of the research being conducted and progress being made.

The Center also hosts the Social & Political Action Leaders for Oral Health Brown Bag Series. The Brown Bag Series, which features lectures from dentists, doctors, and psychologists of international reputation, is open to the University community, proceeded and followed by time for the students, staff, and faculty to socialize and ask questions to the speaker and each other.

Finally, to take advantage of these interactions or other new promising directions and to facilitate the development of new research ideas emanating from them, we amake available each year funds to conduct pilot or feasibility studies that could lead to new R01 proposals. The availability of such funds is announced each year to the broad research community at UW and to our collaborating institutions to encourage even wider participation.

For more information on Pilot Studies and available funding, please contact us at

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