Baby Smiles Project


Our Baby Smiles Project aims to provide better utilization of preventive dental care and improve the oral health of rural, low-income pregnant and postpartum women and their children and to increase the number of oral health practices taken by these women to prevent caries in their young children.

The primary outcome measures for the trial will be mother’s dental utilization during pregnancy and up to two months postpartum and children’s dental utilization before 18 months of age.

The goal of Baby Smiles is to conduct a randomized trial using a brief motivational intervention given during the prenatal and/or postnatal period(s) in rural, low income communities.

Baby Smiles Resources

Baby Smiles Protocol

Baby Smiles Manual of Operations

Pregnancy Reference Card

Community Partners Survey

Baby Smiles Publications

Garson G, Huebner CE, Riedy CA, Milgrom P. Are Dentists and Parents Ready for the Age-One Dental Patient? Poster session presented at: AADR 2013. Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the American Association for Dental Research; 2013 Mar 20-23; Seattle, WA.