Ongoing Projects

  • Population Centered, Risk- and Evidence-based Dental Inter-professional Care Team (PREDICT) is a quality improvement project of Advantage Dental Services that tests changes to Advantage’s delivery and payment systems. The new model, implemented in 7 Oregon counties, has the potential to deliver comprehensive, risk-based dental care to over 40,000 low-income children, adolescents and pregnant and post-partum women enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan.

Funded by the Northwest Center to Reduce Oral Health Disparities (NIH/NIDCR U54 DE019346)

  • Community-Based Intergenerational Oral Health Promotion in Rural America
    Baby Smile Project

    Christine Riedy, co-PI; Philip Weinstein, co-PI.
  • Social-Ecology of Oral Health and Disease in Young Children with Special Needs.
    Developmental Project 1. The aims are to:
    (1) document the prevalence of tooth decay in preschool-age children with special health care needs (CSHCN);
    (2) assess child-level mediators of oral health status including s. mutans infection;
    (3) enumerate barriers and support for oral health; and,
    (4) estimate the participation rates of parents of young CSHCN in future studies and the feasibility of collection microbiological (saliva and plaque) samples at community-based centers serving CSHCN.
    Colleen Huebner, PI
  • Young Children’s Distress and Coping During Preventive Dental Care.
    Developmental Project 2. This project is an observational assessment of young children’s distress and coping behaviors during preventive dental treatments and the behaviors of adults (parents and dentists) that promote coping or distress. Sixty-five parent-child-dentist triads will be observed. Children 6 to 36 months of age attending the Center for Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Washington will be enrolled.
    Colleen Huebner and Jackie Pickrell, Dual-PI

Ongoing Oral Health Disparities Projects

Leveraged by Center Investigators & Funded by Other Mechanisms

  • Dental Health Services for Children: U.S. Trends, Disparities, and Expenditures.
    Colleen Huebner, Co-PI. HRSA/MCHB R40 SDAS.
  • Telephone-based Motivational Interviewing to Promote Dental Visits Among Low-Income Rural Women During Pregnancy.
    Christine Riedy, PI. HRSA – MCHBR40 MC08725.
  • Addressing Oral Health Disparities in Medicaid-Enrolled Special Needs Children with a Chronic Condition.
    Donald Chi, PI. NIDCR K08 DE020856.
  • Addressing Oral Health Disparities in Individuals with Mental Health Problems.
    Lisa Heaton, PI. NIDCR K23 DE019202.
  • Motivational Interviewing for Dental-Avoidant Adolescents.
    Trilby Coolidge, PI. NIDCR K23 DE016952.

Completed Projects

Funded by the Northwest/Alaska Center to Reduce Oral Health Disparities (NIH/NIDCR U54 DE014254-07, the predecessor of the Northwest Center)

  • Early Orthodontic Intervention under Medicaid (Project #3)
    Gregory J. King, PI
  • Reducing Rural Adolescent Dental Avoidance (Project #5)
    Philip Weinstein, PI
  • Distance Psychology for Treating Dental Fear in Rural Communities (Project #6)
    Susan E. Coldwell, PI
  • Xylitol Clinical Studies for Prevention
    Peter M. Milgrom
  • EthnoDent: Bridging Socio-Cultural Boundaries in Oral Health
    Christine A. Riedy
  • Beta-Defensins in Caries-Prone Children Pilot Study
    Beverly A. Dale-Crunk
  • Home-based Intervention to Reduce Oral Health Disparities in Young Children Pilot Study
    Colleen E. Huebner
  • Building a GIS Database to Describe Nutrition, Physical Activity and Oral Health Environment in Lewis County Pilot Study
    Donna Johnson
  • Ethnographic Approaches to Alaska Native Health Disparities Research Pilot Study
    Carol Jolles
  • Xylitol Exposure and Change in S. mutans Attachment Pilot Study
    Marilyn Roberts
  • Postcard Advertisements Enhancing Use of Medicaid Benefits Pilot Study
    Susan Coldwell
  • Toll-like Receptor Polymorphisms in Periodontitis in a Hispanic Population Pilot Study
    Frank Roberts

Completed Projects by Center Investigators

Funded by Other Mechanisms

  • Phase I SBIR “Scientific Basis for Silver Fluoride in Dentistry”. This project is a collaboration between Advantage Dental Group – ADP Silver Dental Arrest LLC (Redmond, OR) and Dr. Peter Milgrom.
  • Phase I-II SBIR “Improving Oral Health with Serious Games”. This project is a collaboration between First Hand Technology (Seattle, WA) and Jackie Pickrell, PhD.
  • Fluoride Varnish to Prevent Caries among Toddlers: An Extended Immunization Program. (NIDCR R21 DE017117)
    Aims: to develop the tools necessary to conduct a multi-center RCT assessing the effectiveness of Fluoride Varnish when applied to children during well-child visits from 6-36 months of age.
  • Pacific Islands Early Childhood Caries Prevention Project. (HRSA/ACYF 90YD0188)
    Aims: To bring best dental public health practices to Head Start oral heath programs in the Pacific.
  • Xylitol for Caries Prevention in Inner-City Children(MCHB/HRSA R40 MC05501)
    Aims: (1) to use xylitol to reduce the incidence of caries in first permanent molars and other permanent teeth beyond the effects of oral health education, fluoride varnish, and sealants; and (2) to determine the preventive effect of xylitol beyond the termination of its use.
  • Xylitol For Acute Otitis Media and Early Childhood Caries (MCHB/HRSA R40 MC03622)
    Aims: double-blind randomized controlled trial to determine if xylitol syrup can reduce the incidence of Acute Otitis Media and Early Childhood Caries among toddlers in the Pacific Islands.