Benjamin Charnay [EMAIL]

Research Associate, LESIA Observatoire de Paris (Meudon, France)

Research Expertise: 3D climate modeling

VPL Focus: Task B: Earth through Time, Task C: The Habitable Planet, Task E: The Observer



My research topic is the physics and dynamics of planetary atmospheres. I have been focussing on the dynamics of Titan's troposphere and the climates of the early Earth. Now, I am also studying the atmospheres and climates of exoplanets (i.e. dynamics, photochemistry, clouds and haze). I study these atmospheres with 3D Global Climate Models (GCMs).

Research interests:

  • Titan's troposphere (dynamics, planetary boundary layer, surface winds and dune formation)
  • Climatic evolution of Titan
  • Climates of the early Earth (faint young Sun problem and formation of organic haze)
  • Habitability of exoplanets
  • Exoplanetary atmospheres (super-Earths and Neptune-size planets)