Russell Deitrick [EMAIL]

PostDoc, Center for Space and Habitability
Universität Bern

Research Expertise: planet formation & evoution, planetary dynamics, climate modeling

VPL Focus: Task C: The Habitable Planet



I work on the dynamics of exoplanets and star systems, and also do a bit of climate modeling to understand how habitability can be impacted orbital evolution. I work with other VPL members: Rory Barnes (my dissertation advisor), Cecilia Bitz, Thomas Quinn, Victoria Meadows, John Armstrong, Rodrigo Luger, and Sean Raymond. I'm currently developing a model, with Rory, Rodrigo, Tom, Peter Driscoll, and Astronomy grad David Fleming, to couple the myriad of physical processes which affect planetary evolution. We are using this model to study the habitability of planets like Proxima Centauri b.