Martin Cohen [EMAIL]

Research Scientist, Astronomy
University of California, Berkeley

Research Expertise: stellar spectra

VPL Focus: Task E: The Observer


Martin Cohen's ongoing research areas include planetary nebulae, the interstellar medium, late stellar evolution, Galactic structure, and ultracompact HII regions. He has 38 years of identification, spectroscopy and analysis of sources found in IR surveys; and 17 years of work in absolute IR calibration of ground-based, airborne, and space-based sensors. He has worked for many astronomical satellites: as a Science Team member of Japan's Infrared Telescope in Space; the US Midcourse Space Experiment's (MSX) Celestial Backgrounds Team; the European Space Agency's (ESA) designated US Calibration Advisor to its Infrared Space Observatory (ISO); as a Consultant to the UK's ISO Long Wavelength Spectrometer; worked on absolute calibrator stars for Spitzer's IRAC and IRS instruments; a member of the SAGE and GLIMPSE Spitzer Legacy teams.

In addition to VPL, he is also a Science Team Member of WISE, Japan's AKARI mission, the UK Schmidt Telescope Unit Planetary Nebula Consortium, the Australia Telescope National Facility's 20GHz survey, and the HIGAL program of ESA's Herschel spacecraft.