Dr. Ravi Kopparapu Awarded NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal!

VPL scientist Dr. Ravi Kopparapu was recently awarded the NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal!  NASA states:NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal.jpg "This prestigious NASA medal is awarded to both Government and non-Government individuals for exceptional scientific contributions (specific, concrete scientific achievements) toward achievement of the NASA mission. The award is given for individual efforts that have resulted in a key scientific discovery or resulted in contribution(s) of fundamental importance in this field or significantly enhanced understanding of the field. Scientific contributions typically result from reasoned investigations or studies of phenomena using collected data and observations, current scientific theories and formulae, and the scientific method and/or other formal techniques, to attain enduring principles." 

Ravi is a Research Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and his research focuses on using climate and photochemical models to understand the conditions necessary for an exoplanet to sustain liquid water, and thus potentially harbor life as we know it.  Additionally Ravi helps lead the Technosignature working group with NExSS and coordinates a monthly Technosignature Seminar series

Congratulations Ravi on your prestigious award in recognition of all of your hard work and contributions to VPL, NExSS, NASA, and the exoplanet community in general!


October 15, 2020
VPL Research Tasks: 
Task C: The Habitable Planet
Task E: The Observer