Molecular Database

Here, we present a collection of line lists and absorption cross-section images for molecules of interest to the VPL. Actual data can be made available upon request depending on the source, and each molecule may have data available from several different sources. The most common sources are infrared line lists from the HITRAN database, and UV cross-sections from personal collections. Infrared absorption cross-sections from the Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) are available through their website for a nominal registration fee. Other sources will be listed specifically on the page for the individual molecule, and may be available in a journal article or by request to the author.

Individual Molecules

Absorption cross-section images and line lists:
Vibrational frequencies and HITRAN numbers:

Composite Spectral Images

Assorted overview plots:
A collection of UV cross-sections (courtesy of David Crisp)
Overview plots of related molecules:

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