VPL Alternative Surface Reflectance Biosignatures

Synthetic spectra for different planetary surfaces from Schwieterman, Cockell, and Meadows 2015, Astrobiology, 15(5) (SCM15)*:
Spectra of microbial surfaces under an Earth atmosphere (Figure 5 from SCM15)
Spectra of common biotic and abiotic Earth surfaces under an Earth atmosphere (Figures 6 and 7 from SCM15)
Spectra of a hypothetical Earth with a pigmented halophile-dominated ocean (Figures 8 and 9 from SCM15)
*The whole cell reflectance spectra (0.39-0.875 um) of non-photosynthetic and anoxygenic photosynthetic organisms presented in SCM15 (Figure 4) can be found in the VPL Biological Pigments Database (http://vplapps.astro.washington.edu/pigments ). In addition, this database includes whole cell transmittance spectra of the anoxygenic photosynthesizers cultured for this work.